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James Gunn Reveals If He Would Do a Live-Action Rick & Morty Movie

Filmmaker James Gunn responds to a Twitter fan who asks if he’d be interested in adapting Rick and Morty into a live-action movie.

Despite his adoration for the franchise, James Gunn said he was not interested in adapting rick and morty in a live action movie. Gunn, who is currently busy directing the next Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy 3, most recently scored a successful run with the hit DC show Peacemakeran equally popular sound spinoff The Suicide Squad. While Gunn’s eyes are firmly set on his many superhero adventures, the director will also lend his production credentials to Warner Bros.’ live-action/animated hybrid. Coyote against Asme, where Gunn will work again with Peacemaker John Cena.

Gunn’s love for rick and morty is easy to understand. The show, which follows scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty as they traverse a bizarre multiverse, has established a passionate fanbase over the years, thanks to sharp writing and irreverent comedy styles. The series also set itself apart from other adult comedies, with storylines spanning multiple episodes and much deeper lore than its contemporaries. rick and morty Season 5, in particular, ended with potentially groundbreaking reveals, leaving fans wanting more.


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Although Gunn is not shy when it comes to approaching his love of rick and morty, it seems the director isn’t interested in taking his bent any further. Responding to a Tweet from a fan asking if Gunn would consider a live-action adaptation of the show, the director said he thought “the animated series is so beautiful and perfect” and he “would never touch it.To complete the Tweet, Gunn described the show as “One of the greatest television shows of all time.Check out the Tweet below:

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The prospect of a live-action rick and morty seems like a huge undertaking, but recent shorts show the idea isn’t impossible. Leading to At Rick and Morty season 5 finale, several clips featuring Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell as the series’ titular characters exit, giving fans a glimpse of what the duo could look like in a live-action setting. Although the shorts appear to be just that, Lloyd fits the role of a live-action Rick Sanchez perfectly, which of course comes as no surprise, because rick and morty creator Justin Roiland has spoken in the past about how the show started as a Back to the future parody.

But with so many questions yet to be answered in rick and morty season 6, it doesn’t look like Lloyd, or any other actor, will be playing Sanchez in the Flesh anytime soon. Gunn is also incredibly busy at the moment, despite his rick and morty the obsession that has recently spread over the guardians of the galaxy together, where a secret crew member littered the filmmakers desk with rick and morty keychains. Regardless of his rick and morty superfan status, if a live-action adaptation does come to fruition, it looks like Gunn has pulled out of the running for any potential involvements.

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