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Joe Russo Says Live-Action Hercules Won’t Stick Too Much To The Animated Classic – Movie Stories

Disney’s live-action Hercules will be a response to criticism that previous remakes were too similar to their animated counterparts.

Joe Russo discussed the new version of Hercules, Disney’s latest animated classic to get the live-action treatment.

Disney’s ongoing raids on its animated vault to make live-action movies have brought in a lot of cash for the company, so despite criticism from various quarters, it’s a practice that’s bound to continue. One of those areas of negative response has centered around how the remakes slavishly follow the plot of the originals, often prompting the question of why they’re being made.

The Russo Brothers produce the Hercules remake under their AGBO production banner and Joe Russo chatted with Variety on how their longstanding relationship with Disney (through years of making Marvel movies) means they’re given the studio’s trust to do things a little differently.

Russo also praised the project’s director, Guy Ritchie, for his willingness to experiment and as such, it looks like Tik Tok of all things will have a direct influence on the film:

“We have an incredible relationship with them that we’ve built over a decade,” Russo said. “I think we have a view on how they can push the limits of their IP in the future, rather than playing IP management. I think they’re excited to see what we can all contribute in a way that isn’t just a reinterpretation of the animated movie.”

“Dude [Ritchie] is perfect for this because he has a penchant for experimentation… it can be a lot of fun and help us push the boundaries a bit of how you run a modern musical.

Russo would go on to say that adapting the Marvel comic book sagas in a new way for movie audiences gave them the confidence to take that approach.

We imagine this news might divide fans of the original film, but as always, judgment should be reserved until it makes its world debut. Russo would also talk about a few other things, including calling the scrapping of Warner Bros. bat girl an act of “corporate sociopathy”. Strong words, but one that clearly reflects the anger that still emanates from Hollywood creators over the unfair cancellation of something that was painstakingly crafted through the hard work of so many people. We will bring you more about Hercules as we hear it.

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