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Julie Andrews Hilariously Can’t Remember Which Character She Played in Aquaman

Julie Andrews admitted she wasn’t sure which character she voiced in Aquaman.

The music sound The star lent her voice to the 2018 DC superhero movie starring Jason Momoa, though it’s unclear what role she played.

His confession emerged in a recent interview with vanity lounge.

Speaking of voice acting, she told the publication, “Apart from Despicable Me and Bridgerton and uh… [laughs] I will not mention Aquamanwhere I play some kind of sea serpent or something.

Bridgerton fans will recognize Andrews’ voice as the narrator in Netflix’s steamy period drama. The Oscar-winning actor also voices Gru’s mother in the Despicable Me animated franchise.

The role of the actor in Aquamanhowever, was less memorable even for her.

Andrews voiced the mythical squid-like god Karathen whom Momoa’s titular superhero speaks telepathically with.

Following the verdict in Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard – which found Heard defamed Depp on all three counts – speculation has arisen regarding his future in the Aquaman franchise.

The online petition for Heard’s removal from the upcoming sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom reached nearly 4.6 million signatures.

In July 2021, however, Aquaman 2 Producer Peter Safran commented on the growing call to remove her from the film. “Honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever react to pure fan pressure,” Safran said. Deadline.

Dolph Lundgren – who plays King Nereus in the film – is the only one of Heard’s co-stars from the Aquaman franchise who have spoken publicly and substantially about working with her on the films, calling her “great”.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on March 17, 2023.