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King of the Hill Revival officially in the works – Cinelinx

Propane fans and propane accessories rejoice, Mike Judge, the creator behind king of the hill, has confirmed that a revival of the cartoon is coming!

There are a few things in this world that will make me moan and scream with excitement: Dunes, New star wars, and king of the hill. Of all Fox’s animated shows, King of the Hill remains my favorite. While I love The Simpsons, Futurama, and Bob’s Burgers, there is something special about the Hank Hill family and community.

In the many years since the series ended, rumors of the show’s return have popped up periodically. Most of the time it carried little weight to them, but thanks to a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, we have confirmation that it is finally happening.

Creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge spoke with THR about creating their new animation company, Bandera Entertainment, and the first set of shows to look forward to (like their Netflix series, Bad Crimes). Tucked away amongst all their information, however, was the nugget revealing that they were actually developing a revival series for king of the hill.

They wouldn’t go into detail about what the show’s return would entail, but fingers crossed it keeps the idea alive as the newest ray of hope for fans. Last year, during a Reddit Q&A;, the show’s producer/writer told fans that Mike Judge and Greg Daniels were in talks for more King of the Hill, with the idea to pick up the story 15 years later, showing older characters and where they are now. .

I love the idea, and I’m willing to bet we’ll see some sort of time jump. Though it’s impossible to say when we’ll see king of the hill come back, I’ll rest a little more peacefully knowing that it’s finally in development.