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King of the Hill’s Greg Daniels, Mike Judge on Animation Company – The Hollywood Reporter

king of the hill creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge are back in business.

More than 25 years after Fox debuted the beloved animated comedy, Daniels and Judge have come together to form an animation company, Bandera Entertainment, and want to expand the format to include as many subgenres as it does fare. live action.

The duo have spent the past two years building a slate of more than a dozen anime series in various stages of development at Bandera, where they work alongside former YouTube Originals head Dustin Davis on a slate of programming that includes Netflix’s new orders. Bad Crimes, with Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus. The series, from the creator and former Reducer editor Nicole Silverberg (Full frontal with Samantha Bee), is described as “adult animated black comedy procedurals” and represents the kinds of boundary-pushing programming that Daniels and Judge want Bandera to represent.

“We were really excited about using different tones and different styles and trying to expand the art form of animation,” Daniels said. The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re in the golden age of content, aren’t we? It is also animation. It was one of the things we talked about when we started the company: “Let’s push animation into all these different genres.”

Bad Crimes – officially picked up with a 10-episode order from Netflix – is the second show to be greenlit in Bandera, joining the one previously announced by Freeform Praise Petey. While Bandera prefers to keep details under wraps for now, other shows in various stages of development within the company come from a who’s who of comedians and entertainers: Sacha Baron Cohen (“A Show for Kids very funny,” says Judge), Silicon Valley Daniels alum Zach Woods, Jimmy O. Yang space force, tattoo/graffiti artist Mr. Cartoon (“We want to bring his style into animation,” Judge notes), the iconic Alison Bechdel Dykes to watch with Carrie Brownstein, and, while they’re not ready to share official details, the former Fox favorite’s return King of the hill. Several others, including a show that Daniels describes as “if breaking Bad was a half-hour comedy,” are in the works.

“A lot of the time what Bandera is trying to get us to play more of a supervisory role; that’s what we’ve been really focused on: using our tastes and the people we’ve worked with and trying to help other people realize their visions that we think are cool,” Daniels says. Judge adds, “There’s a show I could be a co-creator of, but the rest is mentoring other people and bringing people together and being a studio in that regard.”

To hear Judge and Daniels tell it, the seeds of what became Bandera were planted around a few meeting boards to king of the hill over the past few years, as the duo often spoke about the people they had worked with in the past and the explosion of interest in animation. Then, when Davis — who worked for Daniels’ wife, Susanne — became available after YouTube exited the scripted originals space, things really started to take off. “It turned into something much more professional and with more momentum,” Daniels said of the Bandera chairman. “We came in with a bunch of different ideas and relationships, and when Dustin was around, we had someone chasing people around to see if they wanted to work with us.”

While the judge Beavis and Butthead Comedy Central’s revival predates the creation of Bandera, the creator says the show exemplifies the kinds of risk-taking the company wants to do with animation. As for what to expect, the judge hopes the new Beavis can create a bigger franchise like Norman Lear did with his groundbreaking sitcoms. “Hopefully we can get to that point,” he says.

Bandera comes at a busy time for Daniels and Judge. Daniels oversees Amazon’s second seasons To download (expected in 2022), Netflix space force (February 18) and HBO Max’s unscripted dating show My mother, your father, which he developed with his daughter, Haley. The judge directs Beavis and Butthead after leaving his long-standing overall contract with HBO to focus on revival in addition to developing a few live-action projects.

“I direct shows that I’ve created, and it’s really something full and intense,” says Daniels. “Then I love it here, I can do things and have different experiences, different ideas, work with different people, but it’s more responsive, and it’s not like taking pieces of self- It’s more like, ‘Oh, cool, I have some things to say about that.’ And yet, at the end of the day, Dustin and [Bandera director of development] Jacey Naccarella is going to stay up, do it after we sort of liquidate them.

As for Netflix Bad Crimes, the series revolves around Kara (Byer) and Jennie (Lapkus), FBI agents who travel across the country to solve gruesome crimes while juggling friendship, career aspirations, and as many men as possible. Judge and Daniels exec are producing alongside creator Silverberg, animation veteran Erica Hayes (Rick and Morty, Big Mouth, Solar Opposites), Byer and Lapkus.

“Manufacturing Bad Crimes with Greg and Mike and Bandera, who are the reason I dreamed of one day writing for television, was such a surreal and incredible experience,” Silverberg said in a statement. “We all think working with Netflix – which not only enables, but encourages my grossest and most violent comedy fantasies – is a dream come true. Plus, I partner with Erica Hayes and a team of genius writers who make this show something unique and special.