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‘King Richard’ star Eman Esfandi to play fan-favorite ‘Star Wars’ character Ezra in ‘Ahsoka’

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What star wars fans have been speculating since its announcement Rosario DawsonFormer Jedi Ahsoka Tano was getting her own Disney+ spin-off has arrived: Ezra Bridger will appear in the series.

The young Jedi character was created for the animated series Star Wars: Rebelsbut will make its live-action debut in the upcoming Disney+ series, with King Richard actor Eman Esfandi playing the role, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fans had speculated that Ezra would reappear in Ahsoka for a while: In Season 2 of The MandalorianDawson’s character revealed that she was hunting down the Empire’s fearsome Grand Admiral Thrawn. Star Wars: Rebels‘ The finale showed the military genius disappearing into hyperspace in a climactic clash with Bridger, never to be seen again – obviously until the new show begins.

Ahsoka will also play Mary Elizabeth Winsteadaustralian actor Natasha Liu BordizzoUkrainian actress Ivanna Sakhno. Hayden Christensen will also star in the series, with the latter reprising his role as Ahsoka’s former master, Anakin Skywalker.

The show will arrive on Disney+ in 2023.

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