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Kingdom Maker Beginners Guide and Tips

Completely is the mobile game developer known for releasing titles like Marvel Strike Force, Star Trek Fleet Command, WWE Championsetc Now the developers have released a new strategy, play a role game known as kingdom maker. It is an entertaining time-killing game, which was released a few days ago. This beginners guide will help you get started and explain what Kingdom Maker is all about. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Gameplay overview

The story of this game is a very typical story. Like other games in this genre, Kingdom Maker involves an heir to a ruined kingdom. We learn that one of our parents left us his kingdom to take over. But when we get there, we can see that the kingdom is in ruins. Everything is destroyed and the kingdom has been completely taken over by the orcs.

We must drive out the orcs, take control, and rebuild the kingdom into a prosperous kingdom. We need to restore it to its former glory. This game offers a bit of customization to players. We can play as a male or female character, and we can also choose the appearance of our partner. There are different body types, including faces, hairand skin color. This kind of variety is always appreciated in games. This helps players express themselves the way they want.

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Introducing Kingdom Maker Basics

Kingdom Maker’s gameplay is quite simple. It’s a mixture of fallout shelter and clash of clans. Basic construction consists of setting up all the production facilities. The Clash Of Clans element also comes into play when we are tasked with defeating the orc armies that have spread across the land. This implies that we command an army full of brave warriors, whom we train in our castle.

Yes, we train our own army, including infantry and cavalry units. Not only that, we can see our battle unfold in life, like those mobile game commercials. No misleading advertising here! Once we start a battle, a little The swords clash The icon appears above the area, and if we choose to see what is happening, we can watch the battle as it unfolds. The animation quality here is excellent and surprisingly smooth.

1. Raise a family

We can also choose to have children with our partner, as in Fallout Shelter. But here, instead of sending the inhabitants to a separate room, we just have them interact with each other, and as the interaction progresses, a cub is born. Moreover, we can make him the heir to the kingdom.

2. Choice

Kingdom Maker gameplay elements
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In Kingdom Maker we have a lot of choices. We can choose how certain scenarios play out and we can choose the type of leader we become, among many other things. Thus, there is never a shortage of in-game activities.

3. PVP Element

Once we have progressed enough, we can join other players’ clans/alliances. These alliances can help us fight tougher enemies together.

Understand game resources

The game has six important resources. They are the following:

  • Gold: Can be found in Daily Deals, Goals, and Quests. Kingdom Maker’s premium currency.
  • Silver: Obtained mainly from taxes paid by the population of our kingdom and trading posts. Can also be found in loot rewards and by performing different activities on the map.
  • Food: Obtained mainly from farms and plots. Can also be found in loot rewards or by performing different activities on the map, just like Silver.
Kingdom Maker Resources
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  • Rock: Obtained from Stonecutter. This building can be upgraded to increase the production of this resource. Very important for the construction of buildings.
  • Wood: Like stone, it is also a very important building element. Can be obtained mainly from the Sawmilland the sawmill can be upgraded to increase production.
  • Population: perhaps the most important resource for the development of our kingdom. The resource that is needed to upgrade buildings and other structures.

Master your champions

Champions are special characters. They are equipped with buffs that can strengthen our entire army. These champions can be equipped using a currency called Champion Equipment Token. When recruiting these Champions into your army, be sure to choose one based on the army you have trained, as different heroes provide buffs to different aspects of the army.

Kingdom Maker Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Kingdom Maker Beginner’s Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

  • Always keep your resource buildings in production mode. Never let them sit idle.
  • Once you’ve trained your army and used it, immediately queue another batch, so you can attack instantly after logging back in.
  • Avoid recruiting champions to your army that don’t provide buffs to your strength. Even if the champion is of a lower level, if he provides better buffs to your army than a higher level champion, he is still a better choice.

So go ahead and try it! If you’re having trouble, feel free to refer to this Kingdom Maker Beginner’s Guide for advice.

That’s all from us for the Kingdom Maker Beginners Guide! Did you find our Kingdom Maker Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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