Ku Xuan’s Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2 animation has been finalized


Daily life of the immortal king is an original light novel written by Ku Xuan, an online writer. Since the first season of animation adaptation, the series of works Daily life of the immortal king received an enthusiastic response, with outstanding achievements in communication abroad. The second animation season is very popular. In the first season, it reached 430 million bilibili, which is one of the works with the highest volume of Chinese domestic animation broadcast. In addition, it broke the average full animation game record in 2020 and won double the achievements of annual popular bilibili animation and members favorite animation.

After a long period of production, bilibili recently released the latest news for the second season of the animation. It is reported that the animation of the second season of Daily life of the immortal king will officially be released online on October 30, 2021.

It is reported that the animation adaptation of this novel mainly tells about the ordinary and frustrating everyday life of high school student Wang Ling. With an innate invincible ability, he had to deal with the problems that followed each day, and eventually he had the story of growing up in those problems.

Author Ku Xuan is good at a laid-back novel writing style, has mature writing skills, and is good at wowing readers with everyday life stories written by himself. His relaxed, humorous and warm writing style was once sought after by Chinese readers. In September 2021, Ku Xuan was selected in the New Chinese Online Writers List and became one of the top 14 authors on this list in China.

In the list, Ku Xuan was highly praised: “Ku Xuan is an important representative of the creation of light novels of post-95 network literature. His Daily life of the immortal king is very popular with young readers. After being adapted to animation, he performed well and made exceptional achievements in communication abroad. It pays attention to the ability to control words, warmly embraces new media, and expands the space for expression of literature online.

For the release of the second season of the animation Daily life of the immortal king, author Ku Xuan said he would work harder to attract readers who like this kind of humorous-style novel, and hoped that overseas fans could also pay attention to this work together.

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