Larry Wheels talks about overcoming his battle with drug addiction


As they say, everyone has their vices. For Larry Wheels, he decided to show extreme bravery and open up to his own people, as well as the struggles he has in his life because of them.

Addiction comes in many forms, addiction to gambling, and more. For Wheels, you might think his addiction is breaking personal bests, given that it’s practically everything he seems to do. However, he explained recently that this was not the case at all.

In a rare moment of brutal honesty, Larry Wheels decided to open up about his addiction. Taking to his Youtube, he explained that he constantly struggled to get addicted to adult webcam sites. Plus, he detailed how these struggles affected his life in almost every way imaginable.

“For about three years, I have struggled with an addiction that compromises my future and my relationships. When you visit adult sites, you may see advertisements for cam sites. Well, sometimes I would spend an hour or two on an adult site, trying to find the perfect video. Then one day I finally gave in and what the fuss was about these cam sites. Probably the worst decision I have ever made because I sucked. Slowly but surely, slowly over time. It started with maybe one or two $ 10 purchases, for a $ 10 tip here or there. Innocent, nothing huge, nothing significant.

“After about 3 to 6 months of experimenting and being on these cam sites, I found myself being there more and more frequently. Fast forward to the last 8 months, every month I spend a little extra money that I get monthly, on cam sites, on paid porn online, on models. It not only compromised my relationship, but also my future.

“Fortunately, I have a very understanding partner, you all know her as Nicole Drinkwater. I finally had the courage to open up to her on this subject, because I had no savings, I had no future, nothing. At one point I was in a negative balance and had to find excuses as to why I couldn’t afford to go to this great dinner, or why we couldn’t have this great trip here, or why couldn’t I not do this or that. I had to find excuses because I was not ready to face the truth. The truth is, I am wasting all my money on this addiction to cam sites. “

From there, Wheels goes on to explain that there was a delayed process, realizing there was a problem. However, with the help of his girlfriend, he has not spent any money on this issue in the past two months. Additionally, he detailed how he thought it was going to be a risk to his relationship and his training, as that was all he could think of. That being said, it wasn’t easy for him, telling her he had to tell Nicole without looking at her. Nonetheless, he says it’s important to trust the people you love to get you through something like this.

It’s good to see that Larry Wheels was able to find help for his addiction, before it became an even bigger problem in his life. If you are struggling with your own demons, we encourage you to find the help you need as well.

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