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Launching the Best Minitables GIF Digital Art Generator with NFT Animated Layers

Mintables has launched the new NFT generator with the ability to support animated GIF overlay. Mintables Artist Studio does not require users to have coding skills, making it easily accessible to digital artists and NFT enthusiasts.

You can find more information about the NFT generator at

The expansion of the Minitables NFT generator aims to provide NFT artists and creators with free access to complex animation features. Users pay a small, one-time fee only when they deploy a contract.

Mintables offers a user-friendly interface where users can upload their artwork, create special NFT groups, edit layers, and create rarities. Animated GIFs can then be uploaded or deployed directly through the platform. The lack of coding requirements makes this NFT generator especially appealing to people new to the booming NFT market.

Mintables makes it easy to deploy NFT collections with support for multiple blockchains. Minitables supports custom hit pages and automatically creates smart contracts for NFT collections.

Once the digital artist has completed their NFT, Mintables can transfer the NFT directly from their platform into a smart contract, or sales agreement, between the artist and the buyer.

Additionally, Mintables gives digital artists the ability to upload their NFTs or allow fans to customize and mint NFTs. Artists own all of the artwork they create on Mintables. When an artist makes a sale, Mintables receives no royalties.

Mintables focuses on a seamless user experience with full OpenSea integration, airdrops, giveaways, and price and offer changes. The platform has over 50,000 digital artists who create and promote their works and can now render art in .gif format. Trending digital artist collections are featured on the Mintables collection page for inspiration and purchase.

Mintables currently supports Ethereum, as the primary enterprise blockchain platform. Additionally, the platform supports the Polygon blockchain and is expected to support Solana in the near future.

According to a Minitables spokesperson, “Our mission is to make blockchain more accessible to artists and creators without the resources of a company. We want to make it easier for artists to create, generate and sell NFT collections on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. The future roadmap will build tools for creators to engage more deeply with their fans and audiences. »

To explore Mintables’ animated GIF creation capabilities, visit

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