You can report your station's . . .

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. . . top 20 blues albums to Living Blues magazine's monthly radio chart. Why is this important? For one, your station gets listed as a contributor, and you'll grab the attention of the labels, distributors, and independents who want you to play their stuff. For another, your lists are not based on album sales. They are based on your station's airplay.

So why is that important? Because the blues world then becomes what you make it, not the music marketing execs or Billboard magazine. Your station's airplay is the best way we have to discover who else deserves to be heard.

Here's how it works. It doesn't matter whether your station is commercial or non-commercial, whether you have one hour of blues programming or 40, or whether you broadcast at five watts or 500,000. All can submit. But, you must also be a subscriber to Living Blues. Check the Living Blues Web site for subscription information.

Do not send individual show playlists. Review all your playlists for the month and compile one single top 20 list for your station. If your station has five weekly blues shows, review and combine their playlists. Compile your top 20 list by Artist | Album | Label.

Once you've compiled your top 20 list, e-mail (or snail mail) it to or

Jim McGrath
24 Wilmington St.
Rochester, NY 14620

The deadline for inclusion in the next issue of Living Blues is the last day of each month. Thanks!

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