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Learn about Lost Ark’s character creation options in a new video

lost ark arrives next month, and now we’ve got our first look at character creation in a new video narrated by in-game personality Arekkz. This follows our recent introduction to the Arkesia lore.

The first step you need to take to us is to choose the class you want to play. This will not only affect how you play once you’ve completed character creation, but also some of the options you have in the creation process. Choose from warrior, mage, martial artist, gunner and assassin. Each of these classes will also have their own advanced classes, so there will be plenty of ways to customize your experience. A class selection video series is coming soon, according to Arekkz.

When you head into character creation, you’ll see the character in sample armor that reflects your class’ standard armor. You’ll be able to view the character from all angles and even see animations and emotes, including dances, to see how well your character will move. There are plenty of basic options you can use for pre-made quick starts, or you can fully customize your characters. However, some hairstyles are only available with certain classes, so that adds a bit of extra thought, as this decision is meant to fit lore, class types.

When it comes to faces, you can customize many face details, including feature size and spacing. One of the most interesting is the fact that you can create two different colored eyes on your character if you wish. There are plenty of options here, so this should satisfy many players.

You will be able to save different presets and come back to them if you are one of those who spend a lot of time creating characters. This will allow you to feel free to continue customizing and trying things out without worrying about forgetting how to recreate it again. Because you won’t have to.

You can learn more about lost ark on the official website.