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Creative expression is a tremendous outlet, especially in these times, and when you can see the result of your creativity as a work of art in motion, the reward is built into the pursuit. Animation has long been a regular form of entertainment enjoyed by all ages – especially now, with a growing number of animated stories designed for adults rather than children (although stories aimed at a younger audience may as well. be appreciated by adults). Telling stories through visual media is a very rewarding career path for people with a creative mind. You just need a place to start.

The Digital Art & Animation Designer Learning Pack is a great way to get started in animation, and it’s currently on sale for $ 19.99. The package includes six classes that focus on a variety of areas in the animation industry, meaning you pay less than $ 3.35 per class, each worth $ 259.



The six courses in the bundle cover the breadth of content across 185 lessons, including 16 hours of content to help you become an expert digital artist and animator. Start with the Introductory Animation course, covering a lot of the basics you will need to know for the rest of the set. Continue with instructions from Adobe XD, popular animation software, and 2D animation with Vyond. You will also learn how to transpose images into cartoons in Photoshop and how to use After Effects to add movement.

The course is taught by a range of highly qualified instructors including Sean Thompson (rated 4.8 out of five), author of Amazon’s international bestselling Creativity is Everything: Rethinking Technology, Schools & Humanity, and has been teaching for many years. years of creative skills. .

The Learning Pack for Digital Art and Animation Designers is on sale now for $ 19.99. Let your creativity run wild and start making art and animation.


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