Blues Artists L through Q . . .
Listed alphabetically by last name.

fender telecaster La Bacanal They're a blues-rock band out of Argentina.
"Hurricane" Jay LaBoy & In Step Blues-rockers in Philadelphia.
The Lady "A" Blues Band Way down in the Florida Keys.
Lady Blue and The TRAMPS "Livin' And Lovin' The Blues."
Lady Bo They call her rock 'n' roll's first lady of guitar.
Paul Lamb & the King Snakes Well-regarded out of Britain.
Cyril Lance He's an innovative blues player out of Greensboro, North Carolina.
David Landon A rockin' guitarist/singer from northern California.
Jimmy D. Lane He's a notable blues guitarist. Hear him in RealAudio.
Jonny Lang The blues wunderkind is becoming a young blues veteran.
Dan Lange He's a blues singer and slide guitarist in the San Francisco bay area.
Laurette Langille She's a slide guitarist and vocalist up in the Pacific Northwest.
Liz Lannon The "Daughter of Bessie Smith" up in Boston, Massachusetts.
Tom Larsen He's a veteran East Coast slide guitarist.
Last Call They're a blues-rock band over in Germany. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Peter Lavell He's a blues vocalist and guitar player based in Amsterdam.
Bettye LaVette She's a Detroit blues diva. Hear her in Windows Media.
Marshall Lawrence He's the Dr. of the Blues up in Edmonton, Alberta.
Robbie Laws The virtuoso blues guitarist-singer-songwriter from Oregon.
Lazy Poker Blues Band In Switzerland, and with fine credentials.
Mark (Muggie Doo) Leach Muggie Doo plays the Hammond B3 organ.
Matt Leddy & The Meatcutters A Texas roadhouse blues band from, gee ... Texas.
Andy Lee and The Bluecats They're a harp-driven blues band over in the UK.
Texas Jake Lee He cranks up his electric slide way down in Texas.
Vince Lee and the Big Combo They're a swingin' UK jump blues band.
Brant Leeper He's a Texas blues keyboardist with impressive credentials.
Left of Center They're a rockin' R&B; band from Little Rock, Arkansas.
The Legendary White Trash Horns They've got an impressive discography.
Barry Levenson He's a great blues guitarist out of southern California.
Son Lewis An acclaimed, veteran blues guitarist up in New Jersey.
Harry Lewman An acoustic 12-string bluesman in Kentucky. Hear him in RealAudio.
Maurice Richard Libby aka Whiteboy Slim, he's a Canadian singer-guitarist-harpist.
Li'l Ronnie & The Grand Dukes Too Fast For Conditions in Richmond, Virginia.
Lil' Dave Band He plays sizzlin' hot blues-rock out of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Jeff Liberty Band They're a blues-rock band based in Columbia, South Carolina.
Liberty City Band They're a Chicago-area blues band. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Lightnin' Charlie He welcomes "Lightnin' Bugs" down in Bristol, Virginia.
Lightnin' Moe and His Peace Disturbers They're a blues band from Denmark.
Lightning Red He's a blues guitarist out of Austin, Texas, via Chicago.
Colin Linden They say he was raised by wolves. Hear him in RealAudio.
Walter "Wale" Liniger The "Blues Professor," in Switzerland. Hear him in .wav.
Mr. Keith Little He's "The Cincinnati Blues Man." Hear him in RealAudio.
Little Bill and the Bluenotes Blues and rhythm in the Pacific Northwest.
Little Buster He plays rock 'n' soul blues out of New York City.
Little Jenny & the Blue Beans A blues harp player and vocalist in Sweden.
Little Jonny and the Giants From San Francisco with their third CD. Hear 'em in .wav.
Little Milton The official site of legendary blues artist Little Milton Campbell.
Little Robbie & The Farce They're a blues trio out in Colorado.
Little Sister & the Bad Intentions Blistering blues rockers on the West coast.
Little Willie Littlefield He's a legendary bluesman now based over in Europe.
Edd Lively and the Movers Texas blues out of Fort Worth. RealVideo and RealAudio.
Bradley N. Litwin A "self-made madman" with a newfangled multimedia CD.
Gerry Lockran A site dedicated to keeping his blues legacy alive.
The Loeff Berchmaker Blues Band In Utrecht, The Netherlands. Hear 'em in .wav.
Willie Lomax He's a blues guitar veteran over in Tampa, Florida.
Lone Guitar Wolf They're an Italian blues band. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Lonesome Road Agency A blues booking and management company in Nashville.
Los Blancos A rockin' roots, rhythm and zydeco band in Syracuse, New York.
Los Lonely Boys They're really big in Austin, Texas. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Lotus She's a young female blues guitarist from the Twin Cities of Minnesota.
Joey Love and the Blues Xpress They're a blues trio out of Dallas, Texas.
The Lowriders A blues, rhythm, and jive band in Rochester, New York.
Harry Lucas and the Lowdown They're out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Ned Lucas He's Drawn To You up in New York. Hear him in RealAudio.
Robert Lucas He's a slide guitarist and harmonica player in California.
Lucille She's a hot young blues guitarist. Hear her in Realaudio.
Michele Lundeen A singer/songwriter based in San Diego. Hear her in .mp3.
Connie Lush & Blues Shouter She leads the band over in the UK.
M.Blue Steel They're a blues-rock band in Quebec, Canada. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Bobby Mack The hearalded Texas blues guitarist and producer out of San Antonio.
Lonnie Mack Yes, the veteran Texas blues rocker with a full online catalog.
Nigel Mack He's a four-armed bluesman from Vancouver. Hear him in RealAudio.
Wes Mackey Up in Canada, they call him simply "The Bluesman."
Doc MacLean He's a Delta blues artist. Hear him in .mp3.
Maestro Ciminiera & His Funky People They're an Italian blues band.
Janiva Magness She's a sultry blues singer out of Los Angeles.
Taj Mahal It's his official site, with a bio, discography, and more.
B.B. Major A genuine bluesman in Pineville, Louisiana. Hear him in RealAudio.
Malkum & Chris A traditional acoustic slide and harp duo in Ohio. Hear 'em in .mp3.
"Sir" Oliver Mally He's a blues export from Austria. Hear him in .mp3.
Malpractice They play "gritty blues & classic rock" down in Phoenix, Arizona.
Mama's Boys They're an electric blues band out of Los Angeles. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Mama's Pit They're an accomplished blues band over in Italy.
Harvey Mandel Canned Heat, John Mayall, Snakes And Stripes. Hear him in .wav.
Big Joe Manfra He's an electric blues guitarist from Brazil. Hear him in .mp3.
Bobby Manriquez A great guitarist in the D.C. area. Hear him in RealAudio.
Alan Marcus Band He's a Brazilian blues guitarist, now from Massachusetts.
Rollo Markee and The Tailshakers They're a harp-driven band from the U.K.
Eddie Martin He's a blues guitar veteran out of the United Kingdom.
K.K. Martin A young acoustic bluesman in California. Hear him in RealAudio.
Mary Martin and the Tuna Band They're a fine Cleveland-based blues band.
Marty Salzman Management Representing Magic Slim, Eddy Clearwater, more.
Mary-T She's a blues guitarist-singer with a new view on the blues.
Alex Maryol He's a young blues artist out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Mavi Kart They're a "great" blues and funk "orchestra" out of Turkey.
John Mayall An unofficial site that includes a discography, photo gallery, and more.
The Maynard Brothers Band Original roadhouse blues from Johnsonville, New York.
Barry McCabe He mixes blues-rock with Celtic music over in Ireland.
Mighty Sam McClain Sledgehammer Soul & Down Home Blues. Hear RealAudio.
Dennis McClung Blues Band They're out of West Virginia. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Rab McCullough He's a veteran bluesman out of Ireland. Hear him in .mp3.
Forrest McDonald He's a blues guitarist out of Atlanta. Hear him in RealAudio.
Mark McDonald He's an acoustic and Delta-style bluesman in northern California.
John McKinley He plays Delta and Texas style acoustic blues. Hear him in .mp3.
Elam McKnight He plays old-school blues out of west Tennessee. Hear him in .mp3.
The Patrick McLaughlin Band They're 2004 International Blues Challenge finalists.
Don McMinn He's a Memphis music veteran. Hear him in .mp3.
Mary McPage A vocalist from Seattle, Washington. Hear her in RealAudio.
Liz Melendez Band She's a vocalist and lead guitarist from Atlanta, Georgia.
Dave Mell Blues Band They play the blues up in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Memphis Gold Productions They represent international and national blues acts.
The Memphis P. Tails Guitar blues out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Men In Sheds This veteran blues trio performs original blues in the UK.
Roberto Menabò An acoustic bluesman in Italy. Hear him in RealAudio.
Bobby Messano Out of Nashville, he has played with many blues greats.
Michael Messer A leading National steel/slide guitarist over in the UK.
Sweet Baby James Meston He's an Australian blues guitarist.
Roy Mette He's a blues-rock guitarist from Essex, England. Hear him in .mp3.
Metro Blues A contemporary blues band in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Jane Michele She's a contemporary blueswoman from Australia.
The Mighty Bandini Brothers They play lowdown vintage blues out of Belgium.
Mike & the Mellotones They're a "Nu Bluz" outfit from The Netherlands.
David Miller Blues Band He plays a repertoire from Little Walter to Wilson Pickett.
Stanley Milton's Mean Streak An original blues artist based in Denver, Colorado.
Nuno Mindelis This renowned electric blues guitarist is from Brazil.
D.C. Minner He's a veteran bluesman out in Rentiesville, Oklahoma.
R.J. Mischo A veteran harpist out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hear him in .wav.
Miss Major and Her Minor Mood Swings A rock-a-bluesy sound out of Kansas City.
Miss T and the Mosquitoes A funk blues band in central Pennsylvania.
Mississippi Heat An excellent traditional electric blues band out of Chicago.
Mr. Jedson Twang dirt guitars over in Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Mr. Tone A blues and roots trio based in Meridian, Mississippi.
Mr. Voo He's asking "What's For Pudding." Hear him in Windows Media.
Stacy Mitchhart He leads up a blues band in Nashville, Tennessee.
Keb' Mo' This is the official site for the Sony/Okeh blues artist.
Larry O. Moan He plays acoustic roots blues over in Hamburg, Germany.
The MoFo Party Band A harp blues band in Fresno, California. Hear 'em in .wav.
Mojo Hand Texas blues and soul -- from Slovenia! Hear 'em in .wav.
Mojo Lemon Blues Band A hard-working blues-rock band out of Wisconsin.
Mojo Stu He's an acoustic blues artist in Pennsylvania. Hear him in .wav.
Mönsterås Blues Band They're the oldest still-touring blues band in Sweden.
James Montgomery He's a veteran blues harp player up in New England.
The Sonny Moorman Group A blues-rock power trio based in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Charlie Morris He's out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Hear him in RealAudio.
Steve Morrison's Blues Abuse He plays and sings country blues over in London.
The Joe Moss Band From Chicago, playing a variety of blues styles.
Nick Moss & The Flip Tops A Chicago guitarist that pays respects to the masters.
Motor City Josh He's s Detroit bluesman currently based in Atlanta.
The Mud Boys A party blues band around Ottawa, Ontario. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Mudcat They're a blues band based in Atlanta, Georgia. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The MudKings In Rochester, New York, they play Muddy, B.B., SRV, and originals.
Charlie Musselwhite The legendary blues harmonica player. Hear him in .wav.
MX Blues Productions A blues entertainment agency in Santa Cruz, California.
My Planet An all-woman acoustic blues band over in France. Hear 'em in .mp3.
The A.C. Myles Band They're blues-and-boogie-rockers out in California.
Mark Naftalin Formerly with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and as active as ever.
Bobby Nathan He's a New York City-based blues guitarist. Hear him in .mp3.
Yuri Naumov Yuri played 9-string acoustic, "decadent western" blues in Siberia.
Kenny Neal The official Web site of the Alligator and Telarc blues artist.
Siona Neale They call her "The Black Madonna of the Blues."
Nebojsa Buhin Nebo & The Downstrokes He's a Croatian-born guitarist.
The Drew Nelson Band He's a blues veteran up in Ottawa, Ontario.
The Nervous Fellas They're a blues band from Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The Nicole Nelson Band She's a young blues singer up in Massachusetts.
Dave Nevling A blues vocalist and harmonica player in Houston, Texas.
New Chump Change Led by Rolf Lott, a bluesman over in France.
Corky Newman and The Darkside Fools Blues-rockers in Sacramento, California.
The Night Riders Band They're an experienced blues band out of Chicago.
The Nighthawks A veteran blues band out of Washington D.C. Hear 'em in .wav.
The Nightporters They're a successful blues band over in England.
The NightShift Blues Band Blues with an edge from the Canadian side of Niagara.
The North Mississippi All Stars An excellent blues trio led by Luther Dickinson.
Nelson Norwood He's a blues guitarist out in Austin, Texas. Hear him in RealAudio.
Nothing But The Blues They're from Canada with a powerful female vocalist.
Nublues They play "21st century blues" over in England. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Darrell Nulisch At Higher Plane Records. Hear Bluesoul in .wav and RealAudio.
Jimmy O He's a blues-rocker from southern California. Hear him in RealAudio.
Octavia Blues & Jazz She belts it out up in Pennsylvania. Hear her in .mp3
Henry Oden Out of northern California, he's an accomplished blues bassist.
Mark Olbricht He's a London-based blues bass player. Hear him in Windows Media.
Old Skin Blues Band They're somewhere in Scandinavia, I think. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Olga They call her the blues babe down in New Orleans. Hear her in .mp3.
Hans Olson An acoustic blues veteran out of Phoenix, Arizona. Hear him in RealAudio.
Martin Olsen's Blues Overdrive They're out of Denmark. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Omar & The Howlers The Austin, Texas, band with Omar Dykes and Gary Primich.
One More Mile A blues trio from San Francisco playing West Side Chicago blues.
Oreo Blue A rockin' blues band out of Arkansas. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight They're blues-rockers from the Netherlands.
Paul Oscher He's Muddy's former harp player and a renowned singer/songwriter.
Johnny Otis He's the legendary blues and R&B; artist and champion.
Calvin Owens A trumpeter and B.B.'s former music director. Hear him in RealAudio.
Doña Oxford The keyboardist for Shemekia Copeland doing her own boogie-woogie.
John Padovano He's a "coffeehouse performer" playing along the Jersey shore.
Pamela G She's a blues singer-songwriter based in southern California.
Papa George He fronts a blues and R&B; trio over in London, England.
Papa Salty He's a blues guitarist, singer, songwriter out of the Pacific Northwest.
Papermonk They're a blues/hip-hop band based in Helsinki, Finland.
Paradise Blue They're a blues-rock band out of Greenville, South Carolina.
Park Avenue Blues Band Guitar collectors who decided to use their instruments.
The Parlor Cats They're a harp-driven blues band from Binghamton, New York.
Part-Time Blues Band An established band out of Charlotte, North Carolina.
The Pawnbrokers They play original blues up in Pennsylvania. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Jackie Payne A 30-year blues veteran now in "rare form" in San Francisco.
Kent Pearson He's a veteran blues rocker out of the Boston area.
Peder´s Harmonica Bluesband They're a harp-blues band over in Sweden.
G.B. Peech and the Sidebanders Texas-style blues out of Manitoba.
Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues A Florida-based piano/guitar duo. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Per & the Ouagadougou Boogie Oogie Band In Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Yvonne Perea She's a California-based acoustic folky-blues singer/songwriter.
Jimmy Peyton's Midnite Blues They're a veteran blues-jump blues band in Arizona.
Kelly Joe Phelps Untraditional acoustic blues from up in Washington state.
Greg Piccolo & Heavy Juice Featuring the former Roomful of Blues sax man.
Michael Pickett He's a veteran singer/songwriter/harp player in Toronto, Ontario.
Piedmont Talent A blues booking agency. A W.C. Handy KBA Award winner.
Steve Pierson He's a Blues Head out of southern California. Hear him in .mp3.
Planetary Blues Band Three brothers and a drummer from Indiana.
Point Blank Blues Band They're a talented blues bunch over in Serbia.
Pontiac Blues Band They're blues veterans out of Wisconsin. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Popa Chubby The OKeh blues guy. Seeing is believing. Hear him in .wav.
Popa Chubby This one is Sam's fan site based over in France.
Porterhouse Bob and Down to the Bone A barrelhouse southern boogie woogie trio.
Jerry Portnoy The blues harp master. Harp lessons! Hear him in RealAudio.
Powder Blues They're a Vancouver, BC-based West Coast swing and blues band.
Preacher Boy He's a solo acoustic artist who's Demanding To Be Next.
The Billy Price Band "Pittsburgh's Premier R&B; Band." Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Di Anne Price A "wild woman" and pianist out of Memphis, Tennessee.
The Primetime Blues Band A veteran blues band based up in central Ohio.
Gary Primich A very fine harpist out of Austin, Texas. Hear 'em in .au.
Princess Capri She drums for two New York bands: After One and Radio Piranha.
Psychedelic Turtle They're a blues-rock group based out of Toronto.
Quarter To Blue They're an Oregon-based blues band. Hear 'em in .mp3.

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