Blues Artists R through Z . . .
Listed alphabetically by last name.

gibson acoustic R.J.'s Rhythm Rockers He's R.J. Spangler of Detroit.
Reverend Rabia "Holy Blues" down in the Delta.
Ann Rabson of Saffire -- The Uppity Blues Women.
Radiotones They're a blues trio in Perth, Scotland.
Ragtime Ruby Fradkin A young pianist out in Los Angeles.
Ralph & The Big Bang Group A blues trio out of Sweden.
Rambling Blues Trio A Hungarian acoustic blues band.
Pat Ramsey and the Blues Disciples He's a harpist and vocalist.
Johnny Rawls He's a veteran bluesman out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Dave "Snaker" Ray He's the "Ray" in Koerner, Ray and Glover.
Kenny Blue Ray A veteran guitarist in northern California.
Ryan Reardon and the Levee Breakers They're out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
J.T. Red He's a blues-rocker in Kansas City. Hear him in .mp3.
Red Beans & Rice A progressive R&B; band from Indianapolis, Indiana.
The Red Hot Blues Mamas They're building reputations out of Louisiana.
Reddog A veteran blues rocker out of Atlanta, Georgia. Hear him in .wav.
The Renovators Out of Bronxville, New York. Hear 'em in RealAudio and .mp3.
Dmitri Resnik He plays straight-up blues out of North Carolina.
Rev. Flamin' Harry and the Roadhouse Rockers Hot blues, cool tattoos.
Reverend MAD Dog He's a blues rocker playing out of Tennessee.
Reverend Raven Blues Band They're out of Chicago. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Reverend Rusty & The Case They're a blues-rock trio out of Germany.
Sonny Rhodes He's the lap steel guitarist extraordinaire. Hear him in .mp3.
Rhythm::: A rockin' blues band in the great Southwest. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Rhythm Dogs From Wisconsin, with a Head Full of Blues. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Jason Ricci & New Blood They play from Maine to Florida to NashVegas.
The Joe Richardson Express They're an alternative blues band in Austin, Texas.
The Kelly Richey Band She's a powerful and soulful blueswoman. Hear her in .mp3.
Ricky P. & The Blues Monsoon They're up and coming blues artists in California.
Tony Rio & Voodoo ChiLi They play blues-rock out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Paul Rishell & Annie Raines The country blues master and his talented partner.
Tony Rivera Band He plays "blue-age music," mixing flamenco and blues.
Michael Roach He's a country blues singer and guitarist from Washington, D.C.
Roy Robbins He's an electric bassist and vocalist based in Fort Worth, Texas.
Coco Robicheaux In Spiritland, the mystical world of the New Orleans bluesman.
Rock Bottom & The Cutaways The "Godfather of Gator Blues" in Florida.
Rocket 88 They play Chicago-style blues up in northern Sweden.
Rockin' Daddy and the Rough Cuts They're from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The Rockin' Jake Band They're out of New Orleans. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
The Rockin' Johnny Band A Chicago-based band with three critically acclaimed CDs.
Gloria Thompson Rodgers She's a critically acclaimed, veteran Chicago blues artist.
Roy Rogers The slide guitar master is in The Slide Zone. Hear him in .asf.
Roll & Tumble A veteran ensemble country blues band. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Ronny & The Rockits A big blues band playing all around Illinois.
The Rosebud Agency Their artists' itineraries, biographies, and discographies.
Robert Ross Band They're a blues, boogie and soul band in New York City.
Roost They're a blues-rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Roots Connection They're a progressive blues band from Italy. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Sandy Ross She's a veteran folk and blues artist out in Los Angeles.
Johnny Roth He's an instrumental blues guitarist up in Pennsylvania.
David Rotundo & The Blue Canadians He's a blues harpist up in Toronto.
Ruben V He's a blues songwriter and guitarist from San Antonio, Texas.
Mason Ruffner He's got Gypsy Blood in Fort Worth, Texas. Hear him in .mp3.
Rumble Beat They're a blues-rock band from Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Bobby Rush The one and only. He's everybody's entertainer of the year.
Rick Ruskin A veteran fingerpicker in Seattle, Washington. Hear him in RealAudio.
Julian Russell And Blue Vibe A blues band from around Baltimore, Maryland.
Walker T. Ryan He plays high-energy, roots-based guitar up in Oregon.
Sailcats They're a blues band out of Atlanta, Georgia. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Cosmo St. Clair He presents a retro blues sound in L.A. Hear him in .mp3.
Salty Dog Steve and Marion's blues band down in Australia.
Les Sampou She plays original and classic blues, rock and folk. Hear her in RealAudio.
The Lee Sankey Group A harmonica player and guitarist in the UK. Hear him in .mp3.
Mikael Santana He's a blues harp player out of Memphis, Tennessee.
Christine Santelli In New York City, with Live In Paris. Hear her in .mp3.
Sarasota Slim He's an established bluesman out of Sarasota, Florida.
Eric Sardinas He's a Texas and Delta blues slide guitarist based in Los Angeles.
Wayne "Bear" Sauls He's a veteran blues guitarist out of Florida.
The Pat Savage Band They're a biker-blues band out of Detroit, Michigan.
Philip Sayce He's a young electric blues guitarist from Ontario, Canada.
Ken Saydak He's a veteran pianist, singer-songwriter out of Chicago.
The Marcel Scherpenzeel Band Texas blues from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Robert Schilling He's a new blues rocker out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Pete Schmidt He's a traditional electric blues guitarist out of Toronto.
Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder They're a blues duo from Kiel, Germany.
Will Scott He plays original and traditional blues in New York City.
The Screaming Bluedogs Chicago blues, from Chicago. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Greg Serrato He's a blues-rocker from Ontario, California.
Shakedown They're a busy blues-rock band over there in Sweden.
Mem Shannon New Orleans cabbie turned bluesman. Hear him in RealAudio.
B.J. Sharp A great lady blues singer out in Los Angeles. Hear her in .au.
Todd Sharpville He's an impressive bluesman in England. Hear him in RealAudio.
The Mary Shaver Band A blues band playing the Maryland/Virginia/DC circuit.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd The young bluesman's official site. Hear him in RealAudio.
Shrimp City Slim A Lowcountry bluesman. That's in South Carolina.
Corky Siegel He makes a hybrid of blues and classical music. Hear him in RealAudio.
The Siegel-Schwall Band The blues slash classical artists. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
J.D. Simo He's a "teenage Stevie Ray Vaughan clone" in Phoenix, Arizona.
Bill Sims Jr. He's a blues guitarist and vocalist from New York City.
The Sinners They're a Nashville, Tennessee-based rockin' blues band.
Sista Monica A powerful blues woman out of the San Francisco bay area.
Sistah Blue An "all female super blues band" over in Phoenix, Arizona.
Sky High & Clas Yngström Swedish blues rockers. A nice site. It's in Swedish.
Slack Alice They're a blues-rock band from the north of England.
J.D. Slim He's a blues guitarist and singer-songwriter out of Quebec, Canada.
Boyd Small He's an Amsterdam-based blues singer from Portland, Oregon.
The Holland K. Smith Band The TopCat Records artist. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Josh Smith & The Frost He's a young blues-rocker out of south Florida.
Renee Smith She's a blues and soul vocalist out of St. Louis. Hear her in .mp3.
Sasha Smith An excellent young pianist in northern California. Hear him in .mp3.
Smiling Jack Smith A folk-blues singer from Madrid, Spain, via New Jersey.
The Smoke Daddys A new blues band band tearing it up in New York.
Smokestack Lightnin' They do the blues, swing and more up in Rhode Island.
James Solberg He's a true bluesman -- a national act of great renown.
Soul Food Band A tasty blues band up in New York. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Sound of Blues A rockin' three-piece blues band out of east Florida.
Sparky & the Wipers A hot blues band up in Wisconsin. Hear 'em three ways.
W.C. Spencer The Bluescat from Baltimore, Maryland. Hear him in RealAudio.
Lloyd Spiegel A young blues singer and guitarist from Melbourne, Australia.
Spoonfull A blues group from Minsk, Belarus. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Statesboro' They're a fine blues band over in Galway, Ireland.
Steamboat Owen He's a veteran bluesman out of the Florida Everglades.
Steamin' Stan Ruffo A harpist and radio host in California. Hear him in .wav.
The Steamers They're a jumpin' blues band out of Olympia, Washington.
Cliff Stevens He's a Montreal-based roots guitarist/singer/songwriter.
Stillife They're an acoustic blues group in France. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Stillbreathin They're a blues band with horns out of Massachusetts.
Rob Stone and the C-Notes A Chicago blues band. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Stoney Lonesome Blues Band Up in upstate New York. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Strange Brew They're a blues trio featuring vocalist Marcy Eustice.
Stringbean and The Stalkers They've created a Little Monster up in New Jersey.
Sammy Stubble and The Little Shavers They're out of Olympia, Washington.
Bill Stuve A jump blues bassist and vocalist in southern California. Hear him in .wav.
The Subterraneans They're a blues-based band over in Wales, UK.
Sugarcane They're a 6-piece swamp blues, rockabilly, R&B; band in the Netherlands.
Sugarland Slim In the UK, combining traditional Delta blues with a progressive edge.
Hubert Sumlin The legendary blues guitarist -- and still going strong.
Sundance Blues They play the blues out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
superfloor A blues, rock, boogie band in the Netherlands, with Florence on vocals.
Patrick Sweany He's a young roots bluesman from Ohio. Hear him in .mp3.
Sweet Blue Onion Led by Johnny Mannion, they're out of San Diego, California.
Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze They play harp- and guitar-driven boogie and blues.
32/20 Blues Band They're four young German guys on a blues mission.
T-99 They're a blues trio from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Hear 'em in .mp3.
T-Town T-Roy Graham He performs original blues gospel out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Gary Rex Tanner Feel The Heat with Mississippi Slim. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
The Taxi Man They're a funked up rockin' blues band with a touch of brass.
Susan Tedeschi Band She's the greatest of the latest. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Tee He's guitar player and singer of vintage blues styles over in Belgium.
Ed Teja He plays acoustic blues and writes in Silver City, New Mexico.
Teja & Luke They're an acoustic blues duo from Austin, Texas.
The Terraplanes They play the Los Angeles area. Hear 'em in RealAudio and .mp3.
Terraplane Blues They're playing Yesterday's Blues up there in New Jersey.
Harlan Lee Terson A veteran Chicago blues bassist with an impressive discography.
Texas Highway Band They're a blues and oldies group from southeast Texas.
Texas Slim and the Love Machine They play original blues out of Dallas, Texas.
Texas Twisters They're a blues-rock band from Norway. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers The hearalded blues guitarist on Blind Pig.
Little Doc Thornton An acoustic slide and electric bluesman from the Carolinas.
Kevin Thorpe's Out of the Blue They're a British band with modern influences.
Steve Thorpe He's a blues rocker out of Florida. Hear him in .mp3.
Allison Thrash She's a blues mama down in Austin, Texas. Hear her in .mp3.
Three City Five Playing the blues out of the Kalamazoo, Michigan area.
Three Studs and a Stone They're a blues band from the south of Sweden.
The Robin Thrush Jr. Band He's a young guitar slinger from Nashville, Tennessee.
Larry Thurston He's entered a School For Fools with Levon Helm.
Joe Tiano & The Blue Flames Well-traveled out of New York. Hear 'em in .wav.
Tiger Blues Band They're out of New York, featuring Mike Manne.
Tiger City Jukes They're out of Norway. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Tite Fit They're a Charlotte, North Carolina-based blues-rock band.
Todd Tijerina Band Playing scorching blues in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Timothea She's a New Orleans R&B; artist. Hear her in RealAudio.
Tobacco Trailer Blues Raw rock-n-roll out of North Carolina. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Rob Tognoni He's an Australian blues rocker. Hear him in .mp3.
The Tone Popes Blues & rhythm out of Washington D.C. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Tonedawgs They're a houserockin' blues band from Daytona Beach, Florida.
ToneStack Blues They're a hard-hitting blues band out of Pennsylvania.
The Tony D Band Featuring guitarist Tony Diteodoro out of Ottawa, Ontario.
Tony O He's a blues guitarist out of New York. Hear him in .mp3.
Walter Tore's Spontobeat He makes "21st-century field recordings."
Torpedo Blues They're a veteran blues band over in Milan, Italy. In Italian.
Guy Tortora He's an American bluesman based in London, England.
Tom Townsley He's swingin' the blues up in Syracuse, New York.
The Trailblazers From Hamilton, Ontario. Hear 'em in .wav. See 'em in .mov.
travis & the flamekats A houserockin' blues band out of Lincoln, Nebraska.
The Triple Threat Blues Band They're out of southern Connecticut.
Tubesnakes They're a power blues trio from the west coast of Norway.
Tublues They're a blues-rock band from Brazil. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Tupelo Blue A blues band in Fullerton, California. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Joe Turner He's a former bassist for B.B. King, Albert King and Little Milton.
Rollie Tussing He's an accomplished acoustic slide guitarist out of Michigan.
Twist Turner A veteran blues drummer, songwriter, and producer in Chicago.
The Twisters A rock 'n' blues band in New York. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Karen Tyler She's an acoustic blues artist from central California.
The Underdogs Blues from Florida's gulf coast. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Underground Sunburn Blues Band They're from St. Petersburg, Russia.
Urban EXcentrics A blues, rock, jazz duo in Australia. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Uvon and the Amazing Blues Wizards She leads them in Phoenix, Arizona.
Ed Vadas & The Fabulous Heavyweights They're good! Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Karen Vance & 32/20 She's out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hear her in .wav.
Phil Varca & The SlamJammers Original rockin' blues done Texas style.
Javier Vargas He's a veteran blues guitarist over in Spain.
Don Varner He sings soul, R&B;, gospel, and country. Hear him in .mp3.
Jimmie Vaughan The Fabulous Thunderbird himself, with a full online catalog.
Vdelli They're an energenic blues-rock band out of Perth, Australia.
The Vice Bishops Blues Band They bring a wealth of experience to their blues.
The Vipers with Deb Cleveland Classic and contemporary blues from Oregon.
The Voodoo Hawks They're a rock 'n' blues band out of Colorado.
Voodoo Healin' They're a Texas blues band. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Voodoo Mojos A three-piece blues band in Naples, Italy. Hear 'em in .aif.
VuduBlu They're a contemporary blues band out of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.
The John Earl Walker Band He's a veteran blues guitarist out of the New York area.
Little Toby Walker He's a Piedmont/Delta fingerpicking musician. Hear him in .mp3.
The Walkin' Blues Man He's a strolling blues shouter in the San Francisco Bay area.
Walkin' Mike Wolk A "funky blues" keyboardist in Charleston, South Carolina.
C.A. Waller He's an acoustic bluesman out of Lincoln, Nebraska.
Wallin's Blues Blues-rockers in the south of Sweden. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Voodoo Walters He's a blues guitaist and singer from Ontario, Canada.
The Rev. Marv Ward He's a blues singer, guitarist and songwriter in South Carolina.
Matthew D. Ward He fronts a Kansas City blues band. Hear him in .mp3.
Bobby Warren And The Dangerous Band Electric blues, soul and gospel.
Washboard Chaz He's Washboard Chaz Leary out of Kansas City, Missouri.
Toni Lynn Washington She's a great blues vocalist. Hear her in RealAudio.
Ben Waters He's a blues and boogie piano player over in the U.K.
waterstreet blues band Rockin' the blues in southern Ontario. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Leonard Watkins An acoustic blues picker out of Birmingham, Alabama.
Junior Watson He's a veteran blues guitarist and singer out in California.
Kenny Wayne He's "the real and original" from Redwater, Texas.
Wear 'n' Tear They're a Los Angeles-based blues, rockabilly and swing band.
Joe Weaver He's a veteran pianist/bandleader out of Detroit, Michigan.
A.G. Weinberger A popular blues guitarist in Romania. Hear him in .mp3.
Stan West A blues guitarist "extraordinaire" in southern California. Hear him in .wav.
Westcott Brothers Band They feature two young brothers. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Bill Wharton "The Sauce Boss," spreading the gospel according to gumbo!
Wheatbread Johnson He's a Chicago blues singer and guitarist over in Europe.
White With Nunn They're a guitar-and-harmonica duo from Melbourne, Australia.
The Jim White Band They're bringing the blues to central Florida.
Steve White & the Barstool Pigeons A band in southern California. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Ellen Whyte and Reflex Blue In the Great Northwest. Hear 'em in .aif and .wav.
Slawek Wierzcholski & The Blues Nightshift In Poland. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
The Wildcards They're a solid blues and roots band over in England.
Lorna Willhelm She's a Texas-based blues and jazz vocalist and cat lover, too.
Tim Williams He's a blues guitarist, singer, songwriter living in Calgary, Alberta.
The Gareth Wilson Band They're over there in London. Hear 'em in .mp3.
Johnny Winter This is his official site, with interviews, RealAudio, and more.
Wixom Slim & the Wyze Gyze Modern swing and jump blues in southeast Michigan.
Jimmy Wolf He's a raw blues rocker out of Rome, New York. Hear him in .mp3.
Murry Woods & Tangled Blue A Texas blues-rock band based in Austin.
Alan Wright Blues Band They're new blues stars in southern California.
Cody Wright He's a young jazz-rock-blues solo guitarist in Virginia.
Gregg Wright He's a "21st-Century" blues guitarist-singer-songwriter.
Carl Wyatt & The Delta Voodoo Kings A blues band based in Ireland.
Seth Yacovone Band Led by a young guitarist up in New England.
Vincent Yannucci He's got a blues-jazz fusion-boogie sound. Hear him in .mp3.
Voodoo Blue They're a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute band down in Dallas, Texas.
Brian Young A Los Angeles bluesman via East St. Louis. Hear him in RealAudio.
Sven Zetterberg Not just another Swedish blues rocker. Hear/see RealAudio/Video.
The ZGB They're a south Texas blues rock power trio. Hear 'em in RealAudio.
Silvan Zingg He's a boogie woogie pianist from southern Switzerland.
Joe Zook and Blues Deluxe Some blues veterans out of Trenton, New Jersey.
Zucchero An unofficial site for the Italian blues superstar.
Paul Zunno Band He's the lead guitarist for Wilson Pickett. Hear him in .mp3.

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