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The World . . . are links to Regional Blues Sites, or those sites that exist mostly to serve a particular area of the world. Deciding this "regional" status isn't always easy. For instance, you won't find links here to Memphis Mojo or the New Orleans & Louisiana Music Page. Sure they're "regional," but so is lasagna. On the other hand, you will find such sites as Blues In Chicago and San Diego Blues Online, because their content is of greater value to the cities' residents and visitors. (Please do complete the Italian foods metaphor for me.) Most of these links have been moved from the other links pages, but when I'm really confused, I'll just copy them here.

Also, you will find links to Blues Clubs here, but you won't find links to Blues Artists, because I'm not about to get into who is and who ain't "national." And I haven't included links here to all the great Blues Societies, though they are indeed excellent resources for regional blues information. One more point. If you are considering creating your own blues site, here's a tip: We need a lot more regional blues sites out there! If you do one, I'll be sure to add a link here. Thanks.

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North Central U.S.

Blues Sites
Back Yard Blues An "underground" blues page for western Wisconsin.
Blues Geek Now why didn't I think of that name?! Great site in Colorado.
Blues On Stage in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Reviews, too.
Blues University Blues tours, classes, and more in the Chicago area.
The Chicago Blues Explosion On Chicago's WRMN-AM 1410. Great local content.
Cincinnati Blues Local bands, clubs, and all else about Cincinnati's blues scene.
Detroit Blues Heritage Series Featuring Detroit blues past, present and future.
Live Chicago Blues It's all about the Chicago blues scene.
The National Blues Pages Listing open blues jams throughout the United States! A source of information on the St. Louis, Missouri blues scene.

Blues Clubs
Billy's Lounge The premier home of the blues in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Blue Chicago The blues club and art gallery in Chicago. Beautifully done.
Blues On Grand It's an excellent blues club in Des Moines, Iowa.
Buddy Guy's Legends "The Internet's Blues Club" and a whole lot more.
CC's Showcase A blues club in Middletown, Ohio, near Cincinnati.
Chord On Blues They're an upscale blues venue outside Chicago.
The Galveston Steak House & Blues Room In Michigan City, Indiana.
The Grand Emporium The legendary blues club in Kansas City, Missouri.
House of Blues Boston, New Orleans, L.A., Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Orlando.
Johnny Holiday's Blues Club A blues venue in Denver, Colorado.
Kingston Mines One of the very best, on North Halsted in Chicago.
Little Chicago Blues Company They're southern Ohio's newest blues bar.
The Magic Bag A very fine blues venue in suburban Detroit, Michigan.
Rosa's Blues Lounge A fine Chicago blues club, being in Chicago and all.
Slippery Noodle Inn Live blues every night in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.
Toby's Tavern Roadhouse In Dayton, Ohio, with the finest in homegrown blues.
The Zoo Bar A great club in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their calendar, photos, more.

Northeast U.S.

Blues Sites
Beef Stew's Connecticut Area Blues Over at the Blues Playground.
Blues and Roots Guide For western Massachusetts and New York's capital region.
The Blues Bus Concert Calendar For eastern Conn., R.I., western Mass.
Blues Night Semi-monthly blues shows in Paulsboro, New Jersey.
Blues On Line Covering the New York tri-state area, and selling CDs on line.
Boston Blues: An Insider's Guide A series of articles by Art Simas.
Bronx Musicians Classic Rock and Blues For musicians and fans in the Bronx.
Central New York Blues Blues artist and club info for central New York State.
Cental Pennsylvania Blues Calendar Covering central and northern Pennsylvania.
Choose Your Blues Extensive blues listings in and around New England.
The National Blues Pages Listing open blues jams throughout the United States!
The New York City Area Blues Calendar That just about sums it up, I think.
Pittsburgh Blues Women It ain't at all about blues men in Philadelphia.
Right On Rhythm With blues and roots listings in the Mid-Atlantic region.
The RootsCellar It's dedicated to acoustic blues in and around the Boston area.

Blues Clubs
The Bayou Cafe A restaurant and blues club in Baltimore, Maryland.
Blues Alley It's a jazz and blues supper club in Washington, D.C.
Cafe Classics An upscale blues bar and restaurant in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
The Call A great blues club, a nice site, in Providence, Rhode Island.
Full Moon Saloon Live blues seven nights a week in Baltimore, Maryland.
Harpers Ferry They're the best in Boston. A classic blues venue.
House of Blues Boston, New Orleans, L.A., Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Orlando.
Inn on the Blues Blues, jazz, and lodging in York Beach, Maine.
Johnny D's Uptown They're a Boston, Massachusetts-area blues venue.
Manny's Car Wash New York City's legendary home of the blues.
Moonlight Lounge It's a blues club up in Erie, Pennsylvania.
New York City Blues Cruise A floating blues bar, with a view.
Newport Blues Cafe A classic blues club in Newport, Rhode Island.
Paula Jean's Supper Club Blues, jazz, and Cajun cuisine on Long Island.
Raoul's A good old-fashioned roadhouse up there in Portland, Maine.
The Rynborn A nice restaurant and blues club in Antrim, New Hampshire.
Sit 'n Bull Pub Great blues and barbecue up around Boston, Massachusetts.
The Stanhope House New Jersey's premier blues club in Stanhope, New Jersey.
Tramps Here's another storied blues club in the heart of Manhattan.
Warmdaddy's A blues club located in Old City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Northwest U.S.

Blues Sites
Alaska Bluz News A blues calendar, nightclub list, and radio guide for Alaska.
Blue-Gene Mostly about blues festivals in the northwestern U.S.
Blues At The Depot A blues concert series held in Livingston, Montana.
Blues Radio Show Schedules Compiled since 1993 for the San Francisco area.
Blues To-Do's A guide to live blues in the Pacific Northwest.
Cajun Zydeco Web Resources A comprehensive directory. Focus on San Francisco.
Early Sunday Blues Jam at the Dakota Creek Roadhouse In Blaine, Washington.
The National Blues Pages Listing open blues jams throughout the United States!
Sonoma Tunes It's all about the blues north of San Francisco, California.

Blues Clubs
Blues Bouquet Live blues and more every single night in Boise, Idaho.
Blues Central Local and national acts at the Chef's Inn, Anchorage, Alaska.
Caspar Inn & Blues Cafe Food, room, and live blues in Caspar, California.
Moe's Alley Blues Club A great club in Santa Cruz, California.
The Yale The home of rhythm & blues in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Yoshi's Jazz and blues at Jack London Square, Oakland, California.

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South Central U.S.

Blues Sites
Ain't Nothin' But The Blues! With a focus on San Antonio and Texas blues.
Austin Music At Austin City Links, the great music scene in Austin, Texas.
BlueSpeak The excellent monthly magazine out of Memphis, Tennessee.
Jack's DFWBlues Show Listings Soul and blues listings for Dallas-Fort Worth.
Kat's Nashville Blues Operated by a booking agent in Nashville, Tennessee.
The National Blues Pages Listing open blues jams throughout the United States!
OffBeat Magazine An incredible guide to the New Orleans music scene.
Southwest Blues In Dallas, covering the scene in Texas and Oklahoma.
Texas Blues Music An excellent site promoting the blues in Texas.

Blues Clubs
The Bone Also in Dallas' Deep Ellum, and also a great blues club.
Cactus Moon Blues Cafe Outside Houston, hosting local and national acts.
Deep Ellum Blues Dallas' newest blues club, with blues five nights a week.
Galveston Steak House and Blues Room Live blues in Galveston, Texas.
House of Blues Boston, New Orleans, L.A., Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Orlando.
J&J; Blues Bar It's in Fort Worth, Texas. Their monthly calendar. Connections.
Stumpy's Blues Bar In Arlington, Texas. Jam nights Sunday and Thursday.

Southeast U.S.

Blues Sites
Heat Beat A monthly guide covering jazz, blues, and swing in south Florida.
The National Blues Pages Listing open blues jams throughout the United States!
zBlues A site featuring clubs, bands, news, and more in south Florida.

Blues Clubs
Bamboo Room Dedicated to cocktails, blues and billiards in south Florida.
The Berkeley Cafe The home of the blues in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Blues In The Alley In downtown Atlanta, with local, regional and national acts.
Dave's CC Club An old-fashioned blues club in Tallahassee, Florida.
House of Blues Boston, New Orleans, L.A., Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Orlando.
House of Blues Boston, New Orleans, L.A., Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Orlando.
The Kaffeeklatsch That's a great blues club down in Huntsville, Alabama.
Marty's Another great blues club down in Birmingham, Alabama.
Savannah Blues A great blues club in Savannah, Georgia.
Skipper's Smokehouse "The club that washed ashore" in Tampa, Florida.
Voodoo Lounge They've got live blues and jazz in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Southwest U.S.

Blues Sites
Blues in Southern California A place for blues lovers in southern California.
Bluesboy's Roadhouse An A-1 agent on the scene in Los Angeles, California.
The National Blues Pages Listing open blues jams throughout the United States!
SoCal Blues & Roots With artist listings and venues in southern California.

Blues Clubs
Babe's & Ricky's Inn It's the oldest blues club in Los Angeles, California.
The Blue Cafe With a great live blues calendar in Long Beach, California.
Blue Kat Featuring local and national blues acts in Cedar City, Utah.
House of Blues Boston, New Orleans, L.A., Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Orlando.
The Rhythm Room In Arizona: "Phoenix's Blues & Roots Concert Club."
West Coast Blues Cruises They sail out of the West Coast and New Orleans.


Blues Sites
Agenda Du Blues A site from France with dates, venues, reviews, and photos.
Blues & Blues An Italian blues site created by a high school class.
Blues & Stuff A blues directory featuring gigs and venues in the UK.
The Blues Board A discussion board and gig guide for Ireland and the UK.
Blues Connections Blues news, views, and information out of London, England.
Blues In Russia A great site in Russian. But the blues are in RealAudio!
Blues In Scandinavia The blues in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.
Blues-Net Berlin A site of blues offerings and links in Berlin, Germany.
BluesArtStudio Formerly Blues Life, they're the oldest blues journal in Austria.
Blueslinks Many blues links pertaining mostly to the European scene.
Bluespain This site covers blues events over in Spain. It's in Spanish.
Kid's 'n' Blues A regional site covering the blues in Antwerp, Belgium.
Norwegian Blues News It's the Norwegian blues magazine on the Web.
PapaBlues A Swedish site with images, links to bands, clubs and societies.
Real UK Music It's a fine blues resource over in the United Kingdom.
Scandinavian Bluespage It's all about the blues in Scandinavia.
La Taberna Del Blues A Spanish blues magazine with news, interviews, more.

Blues Clubs
Banana Peel Bluesclub They're over in Ruiselede, Belgium.
Barrelhouse Blues Club It's a local blues club in Dorset, England.
Beau De L'Air It's a blues club in Hamme, Belgium.
Big Mama It's the home of the blues in Rome, Italy.
BluesNights A monthly live blues evening in Dorset, England.
Blues Alive A small blues club in Bishops Stortford, England.
Blues Dragon Club It's a blues club located in Cardiff, Wales.
The Bottleneck Blues Club It's located over in Kent, England.
Club Bang! Bang! At The 100 Club Over there in London, England.
Downtown Blues Club A blues club in Hamburg, Germany. In German.
Dream's Café A blues center located in Brussels, Belgium.
Kaffee Lambert A stagecafe in Belgium with live jazz and blues gigs.
The Kite Club It's a blues club over in Blackpool, England.
Meisenfrei Blues Club A blues club in Bremen, Germany. In German.
Muddy Waters In Oslo, Norway, one of Europe's most popular blues clubs.
New Crawdaddy Blues Club A blues club over in Essex, England.
The Running Horse It's Nottingham, England's premier live blues venue.
The Spirit of 66 A nice blues and rock club in Verviers, Belgium.
Willem Tell Bluesclub A small blues club in St. Lenaarts, Belgium.


Blues At The Bow A society supporting live blues on Bow Island, Alberta.
Blues On Whyte It's a new blues club in Edmonton, Alberta.
The Blues Underground Network Covering Kamloops, British Columbia.
Canadian Blues A site for Canadian blues news, artists and more.
Jim Roy's Ottawa Blues, Jazz & Swing Guide In Ottawa, Ontario.
Le Net Blues It's a regional blues site apparently out of Quebec.


Blue Country News This site is devoted to the blues in Queensland.
Blues News Lots of blues news covering New Zealand and the world.
Jeff's Crossroad Blues It's based in Melbourne, Australia.

South America

Argenblues A blues site in Argentina. Text in Spanish.
Brazilian Blues The whole Brazilian blues scene. Text in Portuguese.
Coragem Blues Page It's a Brazilian blues site with information about blues.


Tokyo-Blues News on the blues scene over in Japan.
Tokyo Joe's Blues Bar They've got live blues in Bangkok, Thailand.


The Blues Train It's Durban, South Africa's only blues club.

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