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Upon entering the first thing I encountered was one of those shitty warnings that I enter on a porn site like now I very much doubt I ever found an adult cam site by accident while trying to buy a camera on e-bay or some crap.

After clicking enter, boom, I get a bloody pop-up to sign up for an account. What’s going on with that, I don’t even see the cameras for a few seconds before I get mad? I clicked the “remind me later” button for now and decided to check out what the homepage actually looks like.

Decent home page

Honestly, I’ve been browsing quite a few cam sites, especially recently, and have to say the homepage is pretty much what I want to see from a cam site. A bunch of hot models were immediately on the homepage.

As I hovered my mouse over the thumbnails, I was extremely happy that the thumbnails turned into a live feed of the cameras show. I really hate it when cam sites use profile pictures for their models.

It often feels like a ball kick when a model has an extremely photoshopped profile photo and entering her live session turns out to be extremely ugly.

Registration is extremely quick and easy

Before signing up, I decided if I could access the cameras, and of course that was an option. However, if you are not a registered user a lot of the experience is wasted on just about any cam site, so I decided to sign up anyway.

I have to say that registering on this site was definitely going to be one of the quickest and easiest. I just picked a username and logged in right after registering, no need to confirm the email or any of that bullshit.

Immediate promotion pop-ups

Now as soon as I logged in I was immediately annoyed with a few pop-ups asking me to buy tokens in order to get a few more.

Other than that, there were a few tutorial pop-ups, such as “follow option will notify you when model goes live” yeah, no shit.

Only people who live under a rock don’t know what a tracking option does in an age when just about everyone is on two or more social media platforms.

Variety of models

Once I dismissed all the fucking pop-ups and annoying notifications, I was finally able to see the homepage again. While checking the type of templates offered by the site, I noticed that there were a few predefined categories.

The default one is obviously set on female models, because those are the most popular, duh. However, in addition to hot babes, you can also watch couples, gays, and transsexuals.

Many models

Of course, the number of other cameras besides female cameras is only about 10% in number compared to female cameras, or at least that’s how it was when I checked several times at during the day.

That said, the average number of female models you can find on is around 800, which is a hell of a lot of girls who crave attention.

Amazing navigation options

What a lot of live cam sites get wrong are the fucking browsing options. It’s because they don’t exist at all, or they have a tagging system that everyone is abusing, I’m looking at you!

The first thing I tried when it came to the search engine was entering a keyword, and honestly I wasn’t surprised when the results only matched model names and nothing else. .

Fortunately, my short-lived disappointment was gone once I checked the site’s categories. There are about 30 different categories to choose from, and while they work somewhat like a beacon system, they work as expected.

Live shows work as you would expect

Ok, so after checking out all the options, I finally indulged in a live show. The interface is pretty good, with the camera on the left and the cat on the right. It’s a bit like that you can’t resize anything, but that’s how it is.

The girl I decided to check out was one of the most popular, she had about two thousand concurrent viewers. This, of course, meant I could just sit back and relax while someone asked me to reveal her tits, pussy, or play with her toy.

However, while I enjoy the free porn here and there, I’m definitely not a moocher. Once the tip menu notification popped up, I decided to tip her to put on black stockings.

As soon as I rocked, the sex toy she had in her love tunnel started to vibrate, and she thanked me for the pleasure I gave her.

It’s always nice when models do this, so you can be sure it’s not pre-recorded footage. She immediately put those stockings on too, and she looked amazing.

Live room profiles might require some work

Honestly, at first I didn’t even notice there was a fucking profile section when I walked into a live show, even though it’s immediately below the video. It’s because it’s really small and everything is mixed up.

I thought the girl I had seen first didn’t really work on her profile, which was odd considering how popular she was. However, once I checked a few other profiles it was the same overcrowded crap that no one is probably checking out.

Great site, in several languages

Something I forgot to mention earlier is that I noticed that there are all kinds of languages ​​available for the site, and they all translate the English version beautifully. is a really cool site, however, the fucking pop-ups for promotions can sometimes really ruin the experience.

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