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When it comes to a girls night out or a date with your closest friends, it’s safe to say that sangria is a staple at these events. At VIVA GLAM Magazine, no hangout is complete without premium sangria. But after seeing the same old traditional 70s Sangria pitcher, we wanted something new and higher quality. Then we found Lolea! Lolea Sangria offers a refreshing and modern take on traditional sangria. It is vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free and free from artificial flavors. What’s even more exciting is that Lolea Sangria is an all-inclusive brand that supports the LGBTQ + community and is in tune with the current era of social media. In other words, it’s the perfect brand for us. Lolea is truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to Sangria. Plus, the packaging is chic, stylish, and perfect for any VIVA GLAM girl. We were happy to sit down with Brooke King, Lolea Brand Manager, to discuss the brand in more detail.

VGM: Sangria has been around for a very long time (since 200 BC, in fact), although many associate sangria with the 1970s pitcher Sangria. But Lolea is different, and we love it! What makes Lolea so much more trendy and premium compared to other sangria brands?

The iconic packaging is what gives our consumer that ‘trendy’ feel you get with the Lolea brand; our polka dots represent a bright and modern look that is also linked to our Spanish cultural past. Compared to other brands, we focus on quality. We break this down into six key factors and ideas:

1.) No pasteurization

2.) Without preservatives

3.) No artificial flavors

4.) Gluten free / vegan

5.) High quality grapes produce high quality wine

6.) And of course, a natural frizzy touch enhances all our sangrias

It’s also important to remember that Lolea is not just a sangria; we are positioning ourselves as a “lifestyle” brand. The experiences that Lolea offers to our consumers from a digital, event and traditional marketing perspective really set us apart from our competitors. We don’t just want our consumers to taste Lolea, we want them to experience the ‘Lolea Lifestyle’ and what it really means to savor a Sangria Frizzanté.

How does the Lolea team work to refresh and modernize the idea of ​​traditional sangria?

The Lolea team are working very hard to modernize the idea of ​​traditional sangria by making sure to provide our consumers with the most innovative and updated product that you wouldn’t expect to find on the shelves every day. We like to think outside the box. For example, our Lolea N5 is our version of Sangria Rosé that is unlike any other on the market.

In addition to the chic look, your bottles are made to be upcycled! Can you tell us about this process and what upcycling means for the environment?

Lolea takes pride in producing a product that not only tastes and looks amazing, but can also be reused for your daily needs. We wanted to ensure an environmentally friendly product so that we can really make a difference in the world. Each 750ml glass bottle is made with a resealable lid, making it easy to reuse. It is very important that our brand contributes to creating a better future for tomorrow.

As a vegan brand ourselves, we’re delighted that Lolea is vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural. Can you tell us about your ingredients and Lolea’s history as a vegan and gluten-free brand?

As we became more aware of food sensitivities and preferences, we knew we had to produce a product that everyone could enjoy. As mentioned before, Lolea really goes the extra mile to make sure we use premium ingredients for our brand, and that includes making sure we’re vegan and gluten-free.

We are delighted to hear that Lolea is a huge supporter of the LGBTQ + community. Can you tell us a little more?

Lolea is an inclusive brand, and we’ve found that over the years some of our biggest supporters have been part of the LGBTQ + community. Celebrities, influencers, LGBTQ + bars, we are supported by an incredible number of people who are not afraid to be themselves. Lolea is a product for everyone, and we want to make sure we take a strong stand on how we support a community that has given us so much love and support.

In the age of social media, the world of marketing is changing a lot. Can you tell us a bit more about how Lolea is developing its presence in the age of social media?

Lolea is not just a sangria, we are truly a lifestyle brand. From the moment you spot us on a store shelf, behind the bar at your local restaurant, or even in your own home, our packaging makes a statement. While you may not enjoy the in-person experience of opening one of our bottles and pouring yourself a chilled glass of our premium sangria, we continue to strive to bring this experiential brand to our subscribers and consumers. via social media. As we work hard to create our own content and branding in-house, social media influencers / content creators have played a huge role in making the brand what it is today by offering their own. organic vision of what Lolea’s lifestyle and experience are all about. them. We have cultivated these relationships that we are fortunate to have with so many amazing social influencers / creators.

Where can our readers buy Lolea for themselves? And where can they find you online?

It depends on where our consumers live. We are located at Whole Foods nationwide, but each state varies. The best way to find Lolea at a store near you is to visit our website,, and enter your information into our product finder. You can also visit our website to buy direct online if you are not able to get a more local store. However, shipping is dependent on the laws of each state.

Next time you’re looking to sit down and enjoy a refreshing bottle of sangria, make sure it’s Lolea Sangria. After hearing about this Lolea N5 Sangria Rosé, we know that it will be our next choice. Be sure to find out more about Lolea at and follow their Instagram @lolea_usa.


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