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Lorain Maker-In-Resident Hiatt Hernon Library Mixes Media Talent With Archives

Lorain turns out to be a breeding ground for creative people.

Hiatt Hernon, 26, from Lorain, is a multimedia artist and performer and currently Maker-In-Residence at the Main Branch of the Lorain Public Library System, 351 W. Sixth St.

The Maker-in-Residence program connects audiences to art and the people who create it.

It includes various art forms such as theater and performing arts, visual arts, technology, media and written arts, and music.

Two residencies take place simultaneously, each in the branch of the Lorain Public Library System best suited to the artist or creator, and last three months.

Singer and songwriter Kennedy Nagel is the current Maker-In-Residence at the Columbia Branch, 13824 W. River Road at Columbia Station.

Hernon graduated from Lorain High School in 2014 and received his undergraduate degree in Arts and Media Studies from Ohio University.

“My program gave me a lot of leeway to build my own program, and it was very different from a normal experience,” he said. “I got to dip my toes into animation, audio design, scripting, and all those other things I couldn’t do otherwise.”

Hernon’s work features a mix of live performance, digital video, and archival footage that often spans different eras of technology.

He also works with Lorain FireFish and the Oberlin MAD Factory.

“I love the idea of ​​being able to fit everything into my projects, even if it’s on a smaller scale,” Hernon said. “It’s fun to create things, and whatever makes sense for the project, that’s what I’ll do.”

Currently, he is working on a video project that includes the history of Lorain and the library archives.

“When I do local projects, I try to tie them to some kind of Lorain history or something local so it’s relevant,” Hernon said. “I really wanted to use materials from the library in my project, and it’s really cool that some of them are out of print and only available here.”

Regular studio hours at the library allow creators and artists to create on-site as patrons come, interact, and learn about different artistic processes.

Hernon’s next workshop will be from 6:30-7:30 p.m., November 15, and studio hours are 5:30-6:30 p.m.