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Lost Horror Fans Name The Non-Horror Movies That Terrified Them

Image via Hyperion Pictures

For those of you old enough to remember, there was a time when an animated children’s film had a good chance of including one or three scenes that would form the basis of many a child’s nightmare. for the better part. of their young life; Dumbothe wine-induced hallucination sequence comes to mind, as does the entire length of The NIMH Secret.

Of course, this has never been limited to animated children’s films (although it’s strange that such a genre should stand out); there have been plenty of movies over the years that, despite not being marketed as horror movies, have still managed to have such an effect on its viewers, and r/horror has started to name some of the most heinous offenders.

The original poster offered The brave little toaster and his infamous clowning scene as a prime crime suspect in later night terrors. Plenty of others easily nodded in agreement, with one in particular pointing an extra finger at the movie’s heist scene.

A user made the jump to live action and admitted that A24 1917 has reached them in a frightening way; There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about a warzone in and of itself, but the sequence in No Man’s Land could certainly launch it to even more ominous heights.

Another respondent found himself in a joking mood and suggested suicide squadnot because the movie itself was scary, but because knowing that someone in the world was ready to release it was scary.

And encountering a live-action children’s movie in the middle, another user pointed out The never-ending story; The stop-motion alone may send chills through a few viewers, but this classic family film is all too happy to dance directly with our trauma.

Usually, one can be satisfied with the script of a movie that catches them off guard, but non-horror movies that give you cold sweats might just be the exception to that.