Love story with ancient soapstone


Photo by Leigh Hornbeck

Last week I launched House Things with my reused (and reused again) cabinet. This week, discover Michele Ahl’s soapstone collection. Michele is an interior designer and owner of 2b Design.

“I am in love with this collection of ancient Chinese soapstone! Although it is a small collection at this point, I plan to add more as I go through my life. Each piece is unique and bears a memory.

The first is the small vase with the monkey holding it that caught my eye in an antique store. I loved the color, the feel and the monkey! Next is the small vase with three small birds in dark brown. I saw it leaving the annual Round Lake Antique Fair a few years ago and at the time I didn’t even know it was the same type of vase as the previous one. Next came the pair of Foo Dogs, which I absolutely adore … a mother and puppy given to me by my son for my birthday. Just last Christmas, I received two! One from my son, again, and the other from my daughter, a Chinese war horse and a camel with a monkey on its back! Finally the biggest piece, the elephant … another of my own discoveries there. I limited my collection to soapstone with animals, as I discovered that soapstone is also shaped into flowers and people. If I don’t limit myself to my collections, they can quickly get out of hand. I’m looking for a lion now … It’s the year of the lion for me. I don’t know why, but I’m a real fan of lions right now, ha!

Enjoy your own hunt if I inspired anyone! “

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