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Lycoris Recoil Features Kurumi in 4th Character Trailer

Recoil of Lycoris released their fourth character trailer, which spotlights young Kurumi. The character’s actual age is unknown, though his sloppy attitude towards work is evident.

Kurimi’s profile on the anime’s website explains that, having fled her home, Kurumi reluctantly works to pay for her accommodation, and is only looking forward to playing with the regulars at the Lyco Reco cafe. Besides his age, his nationality is also a mystery.

Misaki Kuno is Kurumi’s voice actor. Other major players include Chika Anzai like Chisato Nishikigi, Friend Koshimizu like Mizuki Nakahara, Shion Wakayama like Takina, and Kousuke Sakaki like Mikhail.

Recoil of Lycoris will be presented in July. Aniplex of America describes the anime as follows:

A cafe serving delicious coffees, super sweet treats and… more!?

From deliveries to chaperoning, taking down zombies and battling a giant monster??

Just stop by for a consultation!

Whatever the order, let us do it!

Staff understand Shingo Adachi (Sword Art Online and WORK!! character designer) as director, Asaura (Shousetsu Knights of Sidonia: Kitto Arifureta Koi author) as the author of the draft of the story, Imigimuru (This art club has a problem! mangaka) as character designer and Spider Lily as creator. Pictures A-1 is the animation production company.

Source: Aniplex YouTube Channel