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The final pages are still being written. Watch closely: See live coverage of the revolution here, now.

Saturday Scenes

Saturday Scenes

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2011, Meet 1947

Our 112th Senate — what the fuck?! You caved, you quit, you punted, on first down!

Michele On The Hill

A video tribute to my favorite American.

A Death In Colorado

In 1995, Chris and her husband, Steve, moved from California to a 10-acre ranch in Rifle, Colorado. Within a year, they had new neighbors — the oil and gas industry.

A Modest Proposal

“Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead has the teabags to say what we would all be thinking if we hadn’t already been lobotomized by Obama’s flesh-eating and God-killing healthcare bill.”

This Is The Militia Media

There are First Amendment protections, of course, but these goons can go one better. They have political and economic protection.

More High Crimes

So, now, comes word of this bit of high thuggery: from Saturday’s Los Angeles Times: Clarence Thomas failed to report wife’s income.

Saturday Scenes

Saturday Scenes