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CBS: 60 Minutes: Lara Logan: in her first television interview since being sexually assaulted two months ago, the CBS News chief foreign correspondent and “60 Minutes” reporter reveals what happened to her in Tahrir Square

Your Papers, Mr. President

So it was about racism aimed at high places — I got it, sort of, inasmuch as I understood racism at all.

Keith Has An Announcement

Keith Olbermann posted it at his blog yesterday — a video announcement about his upcoming show on Current TV. Here it is.

Table Turns On The GOP

Maybe it’s a sea change — time will tell — but I hope it’s at the very least a sign of things to come.

An Invocation For Labor

No more inspiring words were spoken in Washington D.C., earlier this month. The occasion: the Invocation at the annual Building Trades National Legislative Conference on April 4. The speaker: the Reverend Cletus Kiley.

Sunday Menu

CNN: Fareed Zakaria GPS: former U.S. Treasury secretaries Robert Rubin and Paul O’Neill.

Disaster On The Horizon

Rachel’s simply asking, one year out from BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster, why our government hasn’t done anything to prevent such an outrageous thing from happening again.

Cell Phones Under Siege In Michigan

If you’re traveling by car in Michigan, be forewarned. Your cell phone — and your Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure — are subject to violation by the state police.

The Great American Tax Game

The playing field certainly ain’t level, and I for one don’t know what in the hell they’re complaining about.

Take These Wives, Please

The wives, who have no serious business experience of their own, took in $220 million from our shadow budget and reinvested it in all sorts of low-risk ventures like prime commercial real estate and guaranteed student loans.