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Steve Earle On Democracy Now!

Singer-songwriter, actor and author Steve Earle joins “Democracy Now!” in the studio to talk about his art and perform two songs from his new album.

Guns On Campus, Seriously?!

The thinking, I guess, is that good guys with guns will stop the occasional bad guy. If only someone could have plugged the Virginia Tech shooter early on. But what’s wrong with this scenario? Plenty.

The New War On Abortion

Republican state legislators have it out for young, pregnant women, and they’re really letting them have it in 2011.

Sunday Menu

CBS: 60 Minutes: President Obama

The Rest Of The Story

I am disgusted with the state of American media. And, dammit, I’m going to rant.

Tweets U Missed

Tweets U Missed

Good Riddance, Osama bin Laden

Political blogging is hard. One day you’re scraping for something profound to say about a budget bill, and then something stunning happens and you’re wholly unprepared. This is one of those times.