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Maitreyi Ramakrishnan talks about his character in “Turning Red”

Before the release of Disney’s animated feature “Turning Red”, actor Maitreyi Ramakrishnan recalled receiving the role in the project. For the uninitiated, the Indo-Canadian voiced the character of Priya in the coming of age story directed by Oscar-winning director Domee Shi.

Speaking of the same, Maitreyi said, “I remember my first reaction seeing just a rough sketch of Priya while recording…I was immediately so excited to see how much she looked like me – I talk about the bushy hair, the nose piercing, the glasses and the slight bags under the eyes probably from staying up too late the night before! I certainly wasn’t as calm and cool as Priya when I was in middle school, but we’re both always ready to hold on for a friend.” She added, “Sounding excited, sad, or angry while still being monotonous is a very fine line to walk. Priya is just someone with a monotonous voice, but she still has feelings like every other college kid, so keep that in mind. in mind definitely helped. Recording early in the morning also helped to sound monotonous! I’m not a fan of mornings.”

“Turning Red,” which is billed as an endearing story of self-acceptance and true friendship, hits Disney+ Hotstar on March 11. (ANI)

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