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Mandragora Action RPG Trailer Released

Mandragora Action RPG Trailer Released

The story-driven action RPG Mandrake the official trailer is out. Independent developers Primal Game Studio have teamed up with Marvelous Europe to release the game. Although we don’t have a set date for the game’s release, we can still be excited for the trailer. To set the scene, the world of Faelduum has been overrun by monsters and the force known as Entropy. With the burden of heavy ethical decisions on your shoulders and the mercenary work to be done across the world, get ready.

Coming to PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch in the future, gamers can expect a host of features to discover. Marvelous Europe has listed many game features on their blog which you can see below for yourself.

Game Features

  • Explore a world of beautiful paint strokes: Immerse yourself in a rich, dark and painterly 2.5D world as epic and twisted music composed by Christos Antoniou brings this atmospheric world to life.
  • Immerse yourself in a story-driven dark fantasy adventure: Leave the sanctuary of Crimson City and travel across a vast interconnected world that will take you from dark forests to deadly swamps, burning deserts, and more.
  • Enter the dark realm of Entropy: Acquire the legendary Witch’s Lantern and enter the dark realm of entropy through tears in the fabric of reality.
  • Meet horrible monsters and terrifying creatures: Add fallen foes to your bestiary as you fight distinctive enemies and unique deadly bosses to discover what lurks in the shadows.
  • Play your way: Master punishing side-scrolling action as one of multiple unique classes and customize your character’s active skills with an in-depth and rewarding character development system. Complete the game and start over on countless NG+ difficulty levels.
  • Upgrade your toolset: Find artisans to join your growing caravan to unlock new upgrades. Cultivate herbs to brew beneficial potions, and craft powerful weapons, armor, and trinkets to help you along the way.

The developers have been working on this game since around 2020 using the Unreal Engine. The industry’s core game engine is developed by Epic Games, which awards what they call Megagrants. These grants are part of Epic Games’ commitment of “$100 million to support game developers, business professionals, media and entertainment creators…do amazing things with Unreal Engine.” Primal Games Studio Mandrake must have turned out amazing because last year they got the mega grant.

Mandrake the developers spoke to PCGamesN about using the Unreal Engine and how it played a part in their design process. The engine contributed to the team’s main goal of “keeping the painterly style of the very first Mandrake conceptual art” proposed by Ildiko Tothe. They were able to do this, “with the help of Unreal Engine’s lighting and post-processing tools”, which played a role in their decision to “not use normal maps, specular maps and other modifiers that would make objects look ‘too real’.” The Hungarian indie team then used “film grain, depth of field, chromatic aberration and atmospheric special effects” to ensure visuals aren’t too flat or dull. Now if all this technical jargon is beyond you, don’t worry, you don’t need to know it to enjoy the game. To get a better idea of ​​what the game might look like Outside of design discussions, Primal Game Studio mentioned a few games that inspired them. Dark Souls III, The Witcher 3and hollow knight entered the think tank by evoking Mandrake. According to GameInformer, creative director Istvan Zsuffa said that,

Mandrake is a genre mash-up of everything we love about our favorite games…[we have] our vision of a title that does not fit into a single box

Whatever boxes it ends up in, we hope to get our hands on soon.