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Mango Animate Character Maker makes bone animation in minutes

Video game creators and animated film directors constantly need animated characters for their projects. Mango Animate Character Maker (Mango Animate CM) is the go-to tool for creating compelling characters. bone animation is the motor that allows animated characters to move. The process can be tedious, but Mango Animate CM allows even amateurs to complete it in minutes, quickly creating outstanding characters.

The fastest way to create an animated character using Mango Animate bone animation is to use a premade character. The character creator contains several predefined characters, both human and animal, to choose from. Users can select front or side view of the character. The predefined characters can be customized to suit any animator’s purpose. Mango Animate CM allows them to change skin, hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouth and outfits. They can modify the body as a whole or in individual parts. Bone animation is already done for the predefined characters, that’s why the process is faster with them.

Animators can also choose to use their own custom characters. Mango Animate CM supports both PNG and PSD file types for import. Bone animation is always easy with custom characters. This is due to the easy to use editing tool and bone models available in the character creator. With just a few mouse clicks, anyone can create professional level rigging results in minutes.

After adding the skeleton and positioning the bones correctly, the next step in animating the bones is to add movement to the characters. It’s what will make cartoon characters pull off their funny antics and video game characters perform jaw-dropping stunts. With Mango Animate CM, animators have access to a large library of body movements and facial expressions. And they can also import custom animations.

The completed character can be exported to various formats including MP4, MOV, PNG, and GIF. Users can also choose their preferred size for downloading as well as a transparent or colored background. The characters can then be used in video games, cartoons or animated films and shared on social media platforms.

“This Character Maker is fully capable of being used to create characters for any industry,” says Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate.

For more details on making bone animation in minutes with Mango Animate CM, please click animated mango.

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