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Mango Animate CM is a good anime character maker with various

Use Mango Animate CM to create animated characters with versatile elements.

People are always looking for an easy to use way to create animated characters for various purposes. Mango Animate CM is an outstanding anime character creator ( in its class.

Animated characters serve various purposes, especially in the age of animated videos and social media avatars, etc. Many people are looking for a quick and easy way to create these characters. And although there are many character creators out there, Mango Animate CM is by far the best anime character creator out there. With 2D characters and skeletal animation, users are able to quickly transform static images into animated cartoon characters.

The anime character creator allows users to create characters from PNG and PSD files. All they have to do is import the desired file into Mango Animate CM, add bones, apply animations, and the character will come to life. Or they can use a character model from the vast library of human and animal characters. These have pre-made bone structures to shorten the creation process.

Rigging characters is easy with this anime character maker. There are bone templates for the simplest route, and the easy-to-use bone tool is also a great resource for anyone to create pro-level character rig. Once the characters are rigged, users can customize their appearance. The powerful character creator allows users to change the color of the character’s skin, facial features and other body parts. And users can import custom resources to customize their characters.

There is also a handy prop library in this anime character maker. Users are allowed to mix and match outfits and accessories like hats, shoes, and glasses to make their characters unique. Facial features and decorative elements can also be added and changed – it’s the ultimate customization tool. The characters will even have a voice! Users are allowed to import audio and video files to match their characters’ movements, bringing them to life.

An easier way to bring characters to life is to use the character creator’s vast library of moves. It contains predefined facial expressions and body movements that animate the characters even faster. And with the drag-and-drop interface, animating characters couldn’t be easier. The intuitive Inverse Kinematic (IK) function makes character movements more natural.

“We designed this anime character maker for ultimate ease and convenience,” says Selena Lee, lead designer of Mango Animate.

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