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Mango Animate launches free animation maker to make HR work smarter

Mango Animation Maker has already proven to be very popular in the education, advertising and marketing sectors. Unlike other competitors whose processes are geared more towards advanced users, the free animation makerThe popularity of so far has been mainly attributed to its user-friendly interface which simplifies the video creation process.

Mango Animation Maker hosts a vast collection of animation resources, including a massive stock of free media objects, over 40 talking characters, and over 150 templates to get the process started without any hassle. Putting a video together couldn’t be easier as the free animation maker puts together using a drag and drop method. Once the video is finished, it can be published and shared on all social media platforms or uploaded to the cloud for wider reach.

Speaking of Mango Animation Maker, Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate said, “The unique selling point of our free animation maker is the beginner-friendly layout. This will allow virtually anyone to engage their audience and easily convey their messages and ideas. »

But it’s not just in marketing and advertising that animation videos can drive results. The free animation maker can also increase the effectiveness of communication for HR departments, both internally and externally. For example, it helps HR work smarter with animated explainer videos when new initiatives or protocol changes arise, or for new employee onboarding, etc.

When an important aspect of company operations or policy changes, all employees need to stay on the same page. The HR department can then make the most of the free animation maker to create animated animated explainer videos to deliver this information clearly, quickly and efficiently. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new change in regulations, benefits, requirements or the pay schedule. An animated video can clearly explain the subject and be more easily understood with visual aids. Employees also prefer to watch a short video explaining the updates instead of being tasked with reading long texts.

Animated videos work great when onboarding new employees. An animated video presents the company’s operating rules in a simple and straightforward way while making the new employee feel welcome and excited. It also reduces the time of HR staff who may have to spend hours discussing all aspects of the onboarding process with the new employee.

Audio-video communication remains the most effective means of providing and understanding information for people. And Mango Animation Maker, the free animation maker, makes this option available to everyone.

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About Mango Animate

Mango Animate is a young and innovative animation video and gif maker full of creativity and passion for fun and lively animation videos. Featuring a rich library of media and free templates, Mango Animate offers ready-to-use tools and elements to create stunning animated videos for any use, from education to marketing, engaging all audience groups. age. The software is dedicated to making video creation more accessible to everyone.