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Mango Animate takes animation character design to a whole new

Mango Animate provides various character animation resources that can be used instantly in any project.

Character Maker is an animation character design ( software designed by Mango Animate. It helps creators streamline the video creation process by eliminating the hassle of creating animation characters. Users can turn static images into human-like 2D characters in seconds. Mango Animate character creator meets all needs. Whether for personal or educational purposes, the software has it all.

Animation character design software requires a desktop client. Users can try the free version on the Mango Animate website. Mango Animate’s character creator allows users to use static images by importing them in PNG or PSD format. The program will convert the images into animated characters. Users then bring their characters to life by adding virtual skeletons, poses and dynamic animations.

Users can choose pre-made and ready-made animated characters from the huge library of this animation character design software. It’s great for people looking for a cartoon character to use instantly in their projects. The characters are professionally designed and fully rigged. Rather than learning to animate from scratch, beginners can allocate time to other tasks like writing scripts.

It has a huge library of preset body movements and dynamic facial expressions. It’s just a matter of dragging and dropping moves on the timeline. This makes designing animation characters faster and easier for creators. The character creator comes with a plethora of customization options, which allow users to make characters unique by choosing outfits, accessories, facial features, and more.

Mango Animate’s animation character design software has the added benefit of Inverse Kinematic (IK) functionality. It allows users to modify character movement and pose for natural animation. Creators can export their animations and characters in different formats such as MP4, MOV, PNG and animated GIF.

“Content creators are limited only by their imagination. Animated videos allow you to bend the laws of nature and do whatever you want,” said Mango Animate CEO Winston Zhang, “This design software of animation characters gives you a chance to unleash your creativity and bring any concept, no matter how complex, to life.”

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Mango Animate is dedicated to providing the creative industry with innovative animation video creation products. Its products help creators bring concepts to life and enhance overall storytelling.

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