Maria Trading aims to become a leader in the aesthetics market of the Persian Gulf region

Maria Trading, platinum sponsor of MISS Iraq 2021 with (Maria Frhad) as official brand ambassador, is looking to grow as a leading company that provides medical aesthetics products in the Persian Gulf region.

Maria Trading, platinum sponsor of MISS Iraq 2021 with crowned beauty (Maria Frhad) as official brand ambassador, seeks to become a leading company that provides medical aesthetics products in the Persian Gulf region.

The company, a leading player in the dermatology and aesthetics sectors in the region, actively works with aesthetic companies around the world and participates in major events in the field of reconstruction and dermatology. to provide the best support, quality and innovative services.

The Iraqi National Beauty Pageant was founded in 1947 and Renee Dangoor was crowned for the first title. The event is coordinated by specialists from different fields of beauty and fashion, civic activists and the Ministry of Culture, Antiquities and Tourism of Iraq.

In addition to supporting the MISS Iraq competition where Maria Frhad, who was chosen as the most beautiful woman in the country, Maria Trading also plans to become the regional leader in the supply of medical and aesthetic equipment and products.

Maria Trading, established in 2004, entered the aesthetics and dermatology market in Iraq by setting up an office in 2009. She also opened a branch in Oman in 2018 to meet the country’s strong demand for cosmetic products. and dermatological.

“We do not aim to maximize the sales of our products, but aim to sell quality products and stay in touch with our customers to resolve their problems and needs,” said a company official. “We deliver productive and effective products to our customers, which are used in the top rated beauty centers and aesthetic clinics in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Iraq.”

The company overcame the business crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic with its reliable products manufactured and delivered to customers with its partners.

Many cosmetic centers have chosen Maria Trading for its excellent quality assurance service, innovative technology and experiences in the aesthetics market, as well as its satisfactory training programs based on the trust accumulated by customers, said the society.

Together with the company’s global partners, it provides laser devices, body shaping devices, facial esthetics devices, mesotherapy, cosmetic products, HA fillers and botulinum toxin injections. These products are delivered to various regions regionally, and the company has experienced and trained experts ready to provide customer support guide.

Maria Trading has also partnered with Eunsung Global, a Korean company specializing in medical aesthetic devices, to deliver products to the Persian Gulf region. The two companies agreed to work together in 2013, and they are continuing their partnership.

Eunsung Global has successfully advanced to countries such as Oman, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, thanks to the support of Maria Trading. The latter has also helped Eunsung Global develop its business in global markets.

Eunsung Global officials say they could have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic without partnering with Maria Trading. The ties between the two partners grew stronger and continued to provide excellent Korean cosmetic products to the Arabian Gulf region.

In addition to the global partnership, Maria Trading also participates in various events including DubaiDerma, Arab Health and Jumhooriya Conference in Iraq, Obstetrics and Gynecology (Obs-Gyne) conference and Iraqi National Beauty Pageant.

Obs-Gyne is an international platform presenting the latest improvements observed in science and practice in the field.

The United Arab Emirates International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Expo (AEEDC) Dubai won the world’s highest honor as the world’s largest annual scientific dental conference and exhibition held, in which Maria Trading played an active role.

The company also participated in Dubai’s largest dermatology event, the Muscat International Dermatology Conference, hosted by the Ministry of Health, represented by the Department of Dermatology and Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) at Al Hospital. Nahdha in collaboration with the Oman Dermatology Society (ODS).

Maria Trading has also participated in Arab Health in UAE and major events organized by Middle East International Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine (MEIDAM) in UAE.

Maria Trading is also part of an event like Muscut Drem III. This is the third edition of the Muscat International Dermatology Conference. It was organized by the Ministry of Health and represented by the Department of Dermatology and Genitourinary Medicine at Al Nahdha Hospital, which partnered with the Oman Dermatology Society.

In addition to the dermatology meetings, the company also participated in the Basraplast Symposium organized by the Iraqi Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. It is a scientific symposium on the most advanced developments in plastic surgery.

Maria Trading joined the first hybrid dermatology and aesthetics conference organized by the Kurdish Dermatology Society and Scientific Committee and provided new ideas for developing clinical skills and practice.

Maria Trading has obtained her Business Valuation Service certification from the International Organization for Standardization and has obtained approval from the Dubai Accreditation Center. In addition, Maria Trading’s trademark has been registered with the UAE Ministry of Economy.

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