Master artists improve student aesthetics as part of education reform


Ti Gong

Renowned vocal artist Di Feifei teaches a student how to recite a poem by Chairman Mao Zedong.

Shanghai master artists have been urged to teach students in inner-city schools to improve their aesthetics as part of the country’s education reform.

Earlier this year, the Department of Education released a series of “double cut” policies to make it easier for excessive homework and off-campus private tuition for elementary and secondary students, who are encouraged to get involved. more in sports and extracurricular activities.

Di Feifei, renowned for film dubbing, shared the art of language with more than 100 students at Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School over the weekend. It was one of the “Teacher’s Lessons” initiated by the Xuhui District Government Advertising Department.

A great voiceover can not only bring a movie character to life, but also help audiences gain a better understanding of the movie, Di said.

She comes from the Shanghai Film Art Center, a hub for voice artists and hobbyists.

“A skilled voice actor needs to fully understand each character, adapt to the context and adjust their voice,” said Di. “Every breath requires deep thought.”

She has been the voice of many characters in foreign productions, including Elliott, 10, in “ET the extraterrestrial”, police cryptographer Sophie Neveu in “The Da Vinci Code”, Master Tigress in “Kung Fu Panda”, and Mary Watson in “Sherlock Holmes”.

Master artists improve student aesthetics as part of education reform

Ti Gong

The students stage a drama under the direction of Di Feifei.

Di encouraged the students to show their talent with confidence and to devote free time to practice recitation and dubbing. She shared her experience of dubbing and voice learning methods, and dubbed an animated film with some students.

She said that the art of language can further contribute to the overall development of young people.

The special lesson will be broadcast to over 80,000 downtown students.

The series of courses aims to improve the aesthetic and humanistic quality of local youth, especially as part of the national “double reduction” policy, according to the district.

The first batch of eight of these lessons will be given in elementary and middle schools in the city center until the end of the year.

Other renowned artists will include pipa (Chinese lute) master Tang Liangxing, Wang Jiajun, principal dancer of Shanghai Dance Theater and famous dancer Huang Doudou.

Master artists improve student aesthetics as part of education reform

Ti Gong

Students produce sound effects for a film under the direction of Di.

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