From the Smithsonian Collection of Recordings . . .

The Blues From 1940 To 1994

is a four-CD, 80-track collection of essential blues listening. Arranged
chronologically from Memphis Minnie's 1940 tribute Ma Rainey to
Corey Harris' 1994 release Between Midnight And Day, this
collection plays like an audio encyclopedia of the blues.

As an educational resource, MEAN OLD WORLD is destined to become the standard postwar blues collection in classrooms and music libraries worldwide, taking its place on thousands of bookshelves next to the acclaimed 1993 boxed set The Blues: A Smithsonian Collection Of Classic Blues Singers.

And though MEAN OLD WORLD presents a first-rate introduction to blues music of the past 50 years, it proves just as satisfying to veteran blues enthusiasts. Rare tracks such as Doctor Clayton's Angels in Harlem, Robert Pete William's Pardon Denied Again, and Li'l Son Jackson's Cairo Blues make MEAN OLD WORLD a real treat for all blues lovers.

MEAN OLD WORLD was compiled by blues scholar Larry Hoffman and is accompanied by his 14-page history of postwar blues and 67 pages of his thorough biographical notes and annotations to each selection. More than 50 rare photos, a rich bibliography, and indexes by both artist and title make the companion booklet a cherished possession in its own right.

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You can order MEAN OLD WORLD direct by calling Smithsonian Institution Press toll-free at (800) 863-9943. All major credit cards are accepted. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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