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Migos’ Quavo to Star in Action Thriller ‘Takeover’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Quavo, co-founder and frontman of hip hop group Migos, will star in a new feature film set in Atlanta’s street car culture.

Quavo, who starred in shows such as Atlanta, blackish and Narcos: Mexicowill face To resumewhich comes from Quality Films, the production arm of label and management company Quality Control, and Trioscope, the company behind Netflix’s animated hybrid drama the liberator as well as Atlanta-based film finance group Georgia Production Finance

The film is written by Jeb Stuart, the writer of films whose die hard and The fugitiveand Brandon Easton, who has written on series such as ABC Marvel’s Agent Carterand will be directed by Trioscope Creative Director Greg Jonkajtys, who helmed The Liberator.

Quavo will play Guy Miller, a recent parolee trying to rehabilitate his life, when circumstances thrust him once again into the thriving and dangerous Atlanta takeover scene. He has to live up to his reputation as the slipperiest street operator in a deadly race against time.

The film will delve into the fascination with sideshows, the stunts in car culture that see drivers take to the streets and parking lots to do tricks. Trioscope, using its proprietary animation technique, will bring this to life by merging live performance with animation.

It is the first in a list of scripted projects co-produced between Trioscope and Quality Control after the two companies struck a deal last year.

To resume will also offer new ways for fans to participate in its release.

It will be produced by LC Crowley, Brandon Barr and Greg Jonkajtys for Trioscope Studios, Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Pierre “P” Thomas and Brian Sher for Quality Films, Jeb Stuart for Real Folk Productions, Don Mandrik, Quavo for Huncho Films and Jen McDaniels.

Mandrik, managing director of Georgia Production Finance, led the capitalization of the film, alongside Brian Consaul, automotive technology entrepreneur, of Take It To The Track USA. The two raised funding from within Atlanta’s exotic car and racing community and through partnerships with automotive brands.

Quavo said, “I’m really excited about this opportunity, especially filming in my hometown of Atlanta. This film is a perfect opportunity to dig deeper into my craft, and I can’t wait to see how the action unfolds in this bustling environment.

“With our unique approach, we are able to transcend traditional storytelling and immerse viewers in the elaborate, fast-paced world of street takeovers,” Crowley said.

“The film brings together the most talented visionaries in the industry both on and off screen,” added Sher. “We’re thrilled to deliver an unrivaled seat-to-back ride that will introduce many viewers to a world they never knew existed.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the teams at Trioscope and Quality Control on what we expect to be the first of many projects together, as they collectively represent some of the best and brightest content creators in the industry,” Mandrik said.