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Moon Knight Boss was obsessed with having THIS character on the show

The following contains major spoilers for moon knight Episode 4, “The Tomb,” streaming now on Disney+.

Episode 4 of moon knight ends with a moment that’s got fans buzzing across the internet – and showrunner Jeremy Slater has explained why he feels vindicated by the reception.

In “The Tomb”, Taweret, the hippopotamus-headed goddess of fertility and rebirth from Egyptian mythology, appears before Mark and Steven in the mental institution that may or may not be the underworld. The character’s sudden appearance and humorous introduction provided a stark contrast to the more brutal elements of moon knight until now. For Slate, who helped develop the series for Marvel Studios, this was exactly the kind of tonal deviation he wanted.

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“I knew a show like this needed big swings and had to surprise the audience,” Slater told “From week one, Marvel provided us with a ton of reference material on Egyptology and the gods and deities of ancient Egypt. One of those materials was a laminated poster that had like a small child, cartoons of all the different gods – one of those gods was Taweret I spent the whole first week of our writing room just watching this Then finally at some point I just couldn’t take it anymore I interrupted whatever we were talking about and was like, ‘Guys, we have something much more important, which is, how do I get this hippo on the show? ‘”

Slater said the room burst into laughter at the bold suggestion, but Slater stuck to his hunch that Taweret’s inclusion was exactly what the show needed to chart its own course in the MCU.

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“I was like, ‘No, stop laughing. I’m very serious. We’re putting her on the show,'” Slater continued. “I think that was the first moment when everyone realized, ‘Oh, we’ve got permission to get weird here. We’ve got permission to do some things that you wouldn’t necessarily do if you weren’t working. not in a place like Marvel Studios.’ It gave me my weird swing. And most importantly, my favorite hippo came into the show.”

After Taweret’s banging intro, the scene cuts to Marc and Steven screaming, ending the episode on a surprising note and setting up two intriguing final episodes for the series. In the scene, Oscar’s brother Isaac acted as his alternate personality, allowing him to form unique reactions for Marc and Steven while allowing their shock and fear to mingle. Of course, the episode also seemed to tease another personality once again, so there’s probably still a lot of twists and turns when Episode 5 arrives.

moon knight airs Wednesdays on Disney+.


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