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Moviegoers now influence the making of films

Moviegoers are now becoming a powerful force, and they know it, says Jake Fraser, business development manager at Mogul Productions.

Unlike the passive spectators of yesteryear, the modern cinephile is part of a collective whole. They made their voices heard loud and clear – both online and offline. They mobilize effectively and fight for what excites them. It’s to the point that real changes are being made to big Hollywood projects. These changes can range from a character’s animation to the movie’s production design, and much more.

Moviegoers want more involvement

The masses of enthusiastic moviegoers looking to get more involved in filmmaking are a surprisingly underserved community. Indeed, until recently, a platform was missing. Such a platform would allow fans to contribute, collaborate, and vote on movies to be part of the process and feel a sense of ownership of the content.

There are two outstanding examples of moviegoers impacting film production through the power of community. dead Pool grossed $783.1 million at the box office, and sonic the hedgehog grossed $306.8 million at the box office. At the 2020 Futurist Conference, Deadpool director Tim Miller spoke with Emmy winner and Oscar-nominated producer Cindy Cowan. He said the film was made with actor Ryan Reynolds, largely due to the demands of the pre-existing comic book community. The community strongly advocated for Reynolds. That’s because he demonstrated his dedication to making a movie true to the comics.

Fan requests went beyond casting. They were even specific that Deadpool’s eye color was the same as the comics. According to Cowan, “Ryan Reynolds was originally supposed to wear Deadpool’s mask.” But Reynolds has blue eyes. Deadpool’s eyes are white in the comics.

Said Cowan, “They said no, we don’t want those blue eyes, we want white eyes, so they changed it.” Just a day after moviegoers pushed Deadpool at Fox, the movie was greenlit. This cemented its status as a fan-driven story that ultimately made huge box office profits.

Authenticity is key for moviegoers

comic book fans sonic the hedgehog guided the film’s production decisions, just like in the case of Deadpool. Fans had waited years for the movie to come out. When it finally did, they were disappointed because the Hollywood version bore little resemblance to the Sonic character they know and love.

The cast of Sonic the Hedgehog

Over time, the backlash intensified. Studio heads didn’t want to disappoint the community. They had to listen. So they went back to the drawing board and gave everyone the original version of Sonic they all knew and loved.

The fan-driven story of dead Pooland the fan-driven story of Sonic proved that filmmakers absolutely must respond to the demands of the community. That is, if they expect the community to support the project.

Improving the script-to-screen process with blockchain

It’s already well known that moviegoers are extremely vocal on networks like Tik Tok, Reddit, and Twitter. Their power becomes exponentially greater once blockchain is added to the mix.

Hollywood producer David Cormican was also present at the Futurist Conference. He’s excited about the potential of blockchain to make movies more fan-centric like dead Pool and Sonic. He says the combination of cinema and decentralized finance is “the quintessential example” of how fans can truly engage more than ever. The hope is that it will improve the film industry as parties make governance decisions through quadratic voting.

Now is the time for Hollywood and the film industry to explore ways to bring film communities together. Blockchain makes things easier than ever.

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James Fraser is the Business Development Manager at Mogul Productions, a DeFi and NFT marketplace platform for the film and entertainment industry. Jake has over 10 years of experience in a variety of industries such as sports, entertainment and crypto. He has helped build several successful businesses and specializes in sales, marketing, product development and strategy.

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