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The recent Paramount+ revival of the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly brings back many of its original cast members as well as some new ones. Set nine years after the end of the original series, iCarly deals with the titular protagonist revisiting the comedy show from her high school days while her friends and family deal with their own adult issues.

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In the gap between the original and the revival, regular cast members have managed to work in a variety of other TV shows and movies. Some new cast members such as Josh Peck are already established actors since childhood.


Miranda Cosgrove – School of Rock (2003)

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Miranda Cosgrove in School of Rock

One of director Richard Linklater’s finest films, school of rock deals with an unlucky musician who finds a new purpose in life as an accidental music teacher.

As the protagonist of Jack Black gathers around a group of misfits schooled for his band, iCarly Lead Miranda Cosgrove’s Summer is the band’s manager. It was the first major acting role in Cosgrove’s career. This cult musical with Drake and Josh then defined its pre-iCarly career.

Jerry Trainor – Donnie Darko (2001)

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Jerry Trainor standing and talking on the microphone in Donnie Darko

Carly’s older brother, Spencer, becomes a wealthy and successful artist in the revival. Besides his work on iCarlyTrainor is best known as the “Crazy Steve” character from Drake and Josh. Her first film role, however, was a snappy cameo in the psychological thriller Donnie Darko.

Credited as “Lanky Kid”, Trainor had a brief role as Donnie’s classmate. The film has also greatly contributed to the fame of its main star Jake Gyllenhaal who plays a cynical teenager with an imaginary friend who leads him down a dark path.

Nathan Kress – Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018)

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Wedge Antilles holds his helmet and looks pensive

As Carly’s friend and neighbor Freddie Benson, Nathan Kress plays one of the loveliest characters in iCarly. Apart from the usual acting roles, Kress has also proven himself as a voice actor.

Having started out as a puppy in Baby: Pig in the cityNathan Kress then joined the cast of Star Wars: Rebels as a pilot in the rebel Alliance Wedge Antilles. the anime star wars The TV show is set after the prequel trilogy, covering the rebellion against an empire desperate to drive out the last of the Jedi.

Laci Mosley – A Dark Lady Sketch Show (2019-)

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Laci Mosley smiling and standing on a catwalk in A Black Lady Sketch Show

Laci Mosley stars as Harper, Carly’s roommate who aspires to be a fashion designer. Known for her improv and sketch comedy skills outside of TV, she recently joined the cast of HBO’s comedy sketch show. A dark lady sketch show allowing him to play various characters.

Featuring an all-black women’s writers room, the show uniquely tackles common topics such as relationships and religion while exploring modern race relations through satirical means. The addition of established artists such as Lena Waithe and Issa Rae as guests is an added bonus.

Esther Povitsky – Alone together (2018-2019)

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A man and a woman looking worried in Alone Together

In the iCarly renaissance, Esther Povitsky plays the role of Carly and Harper’s good-natured friend. Outside iCarlyPovitsky is best known for alone togethera sitcom she also wrote and created.

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In its essence, alone together tells the story of two platonic best friends trying to find their place in the city of Los Angeles. Even though the series only lasted two seasons, alone together goes beyond the usual sitcom formula by tackling themes of chaotic urbanism and status symbols within Los Angeles.

Poppy Liu – Hacks (2021-)

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Poppy Liu appears on iCarly as a Dutch pop singer who develops a deep bond with Harper. Besides her role in this series, she is known for another recurring role in hacks, one of the best comedies on HBO Max.

In its essence, hacks deals with the relationship between a young comedy writer and an established comedian. As for Liu, she appears as a personal blackjack dealer for protagonist Jean Smart. Her charming screen presence is such that despite a few scenes, she still makes the most of limited screen time.

Josh Peck – Drake and Josh (2004-2007)

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Josh looks confused in Drake & Josh

Popular Nickelodeon alumnus Josh Peck stars as Carly’s manager in the Revival series. Although he has had significant experience in both film and television, Peck’s most popular screen credit remains the show that brought him into the limelight.

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A live teen sitcom from Nickelodeon, Drake and Josh stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck as half-brothers who are polar opposites in personality. As the two go through adolescence and high school, Drake and Josh make an entertaining watch. Of course, Cosgrove played alongside them.

Tim Russ – Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)

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Reprising his role from the original series, Tim Russ plays Carly’s former school principal. But fans of star trek the franchise would remember Russ from his memorable stint as the character of Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager.

As a Vulcan officer assigned to the roles of Second Officer and Chief of Security, Russ has played the character in every season of this Star Trek spin-off. The general premise deals with the crew of the USS Voyager spacecraft as they attempt to return to their native “sector” in the galaxy. True to the franchise’s origins, even Traveler deals with a lot of teamwork among the ship’s crew, with Tuvok being one of the main crew members.

Mary Scheer – Mad TV (1995-2016)

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Mary Scheer smiling as Sabrina in MADTv

While iCarly fans would know Mary Scheer as Freddie’s mother, Marissa Benson, she had various backgrounds in the comedy genre. In fact, her background in sketch comedy is showcased perfectly on the ’90s anthology show. mad tv.

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In the same vein as other variety shows like Saturday Night Live, Scheer has played the roles of several fictional characters as well as real-life personalities. Demi Moore, Barbra Streisand and Dana Scully of Gillian Anderson in X files do for some of his best impressions of the show.

Josie Totah – Other People (2016)

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Playing the role of social media influencer Willow in iCarly, Josie Totah appears as one of the show’s many guest stars. Regarding his filmography, one of his critically acclaimed roles can be considered that of Justin in the comedy-drama The other people.

Starring Jesse Plemons as a failing writer who revisits his hometown to care for his cancer-stricken mother, The other people relies on deadpan humor and dysfunctional family drama to make an impact. Even secondary characters like Justin, the flamboyant and simple brother of the protagonist’s best friend, manage to make their presence felt despite brief appearances.

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