Blues Radio in Nebraska . . .

Grand Island
KLRB-FM 97.3
Blues Power Hour
Host's name?
Sat midnight-1 am

KTGL-FM 92.9
Sun 10 pm-midnight

KZUM-FM 89.3
Another Blue Monday
Doctor Blues
Mon 3-6 pm

KZUM-FM 89.3
Blues On The Rocks
Tom Armstrong and Jim Waila
Tue 4-6 pm

KZUM-FM 89.3
Spoonful O' Blues
C.A. Waller
Wed 3-6 pm

KZUM-FM 89.3
Red Rooster Blues
Steven Petty
Wed 11 pm-12:30 am

KZUM-FM 89.3
Bare Bottom Blues
Tammy Lee
Thu 4-6 pm

KZUM-FM 89.3
Blues At Eleven
Brent Kinsey
Thu 11 pm-12:30 am

KZUM-FM 89.3
Women's Blues & Boogie
Carol Griswold
Fri noon-2 pm

KZUM-FM 89.3
Confessin' The Blues
Jim Anderson and Bill Wagnor
Fri 4-6 pm

KZUM-FM 89.3
Blues At Sunrise
Ron "Jake" Jacobs
Sat 6-9 pm

KIOS-FM 91.5
Blues In The Afternoon
Mike Jacobs
Mon 2-3:30 pm

KVNO-FM 90.7
The Blues With Mac
Kevin McCarthy
Fri-Sat 10 pm-2 am

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