NEO 2045 Adds New Halloween Aesthetic And Special Promo Code This Season


Kids can now fill up on tricks and treats this season with the NEO 2045 Halloween event. Until November 10, players of the kid-friendly MMO can expect tons of spooky treats, thrills strong sci-fi and loot bags with a special promo code this season.

In VR Realms Pty Limited’s NEO 2045 sci-fi MMO, gamers of all ages can experience a virtual sleight of hand with a special loot bag via promo code SPOOKY21, which can be redeemed on the game’s promo codes page. During the Halloween event, you can also dress up your avatar and customize it with Halloween-themed cosmetics, as well as your pets and mods for your drones.

Meanwhile, the Central Hub is the perfect place to participate in the interghulactic holiday festivities. You can enjoy music from DJs and fight ghosts in gamer realms while joining forces with your friends online. The Haunted Kingdom, in particular, lets you explore a themed castle and maze-shaped forest to play zombie tag with friends.

In case you are unfamiliar with the game, NEO 2045 is a vast MMO experience for gamers of all ages, and can also provide a particularly safe sci-fi action location for children. It features various player realms that highlight a wide variety of game modes for everyone, as well as single player and multiplayer mini-games. Players can also revel in an immersive social community in the Forest, Arctic, Desert, and Ocean Realms, or unleash their inner artist while terraforming landscapes into individual realms.

NEO 2045 is available for download from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store as a free game with in-app purchases.

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