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Netflix adds Child of Kamiari Month anime, live-action Fishbowl Wives series to India – Reuters

netflix airs trailers for both titles in English double

netflix is listing universal creticait is Kamiari Child Month (Kamiari no Kodomo) animated film project which will be released in India on February 8 and Fishbowl Wives live-action series adaptation of Kurosawa Rit is Kingyo Tsuma manga for release in India on February 14. netflix airs trailers for both titles with English double.

the Kamiari Child Month The film opened in Japan on October 8.

Aju Makita (live action Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienaiit is Kayo) voiced protagonist Kanna, who loses her love of racing after her mother passes away. Maya Sakamoto (Escaflowneit is hitomi, Destiny franchiseda Vinci and Joan) voiced Shiro, a one-winged rabbit messenger of the gods, while miyu irino (Taken away as if by magicit is Haku, Tsubasa: CHRoNiCLE TANKit is Syaoran) voiced Yato, a oni boy. The two appear in front of Kanna and travel with her to Izumo. In the old Japanese calendar, the month of October is called “Kannazuki” (“the month without gods”). But in Izumo, it’s called “Kamiarizuki” (“the month of the gods”) because of a legend that Japan’s myriad gods gather at Izumo Shrine in October.

universal cretica announced the project as well as its first crowdfunding campaign in March 2019. The campaign marked the start of the project’s “first engagement” from March to May 2019, with the second crowdfunding campaign from July to August 2019 as its ” second engagement. The third crowdfunding campaign ran from April to June 2020.

LIDEN FILMS representative director Tetsuro Satomi was the animation producer for the project. Her and her cat – Everything flows – director Kazuya Sakamoto was the “creative director”. Toshinari Shinohe was in charge of planning and credited with the original work, while Takana Shirai was credited with the original concept and as animation director. Michihiko Suwa (Detective Conan movies) and Teppei Mishima were the planners and producers of the project. Haruka Sagawa was the character designer. Tetsuro Takita and Ryuta Miyake wrote the screenplay. Singer-songwriter miwa performed the film’s theme song “Kanna”.

netflix describe Fishbowl Wives:

In a luxury apartment tower, six different women in unhappy marriages end up crossing the line into infidelity. Based on the manga series by Kurosawa R.

Kurosawa R launched the manga in Shueishait is big jump mech magazines in 2017. Shueisha shipped the manga’s ninth compiled volume on July 21.

Source: Netflix (link 2)