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Netflix’s Cocomelon Series Makes Its Animation Purge Even Worse

Netflix has ruthlessly canceled several anime shows due to their recent losses, but their Cocomelon renewal shows that cash really is king.

With Moonbug Entertainment, Netflix has ordered several additional seasons of CoComelon Lane and more shows, such as Little Baby Bum: Music Timeand while that makes sense financially, it also makes Netflix’s recent purge of anime shows a harder pill to swallow. CoComelon is nothing less than a phenomenon. Created by Jay Joen in 2006, the CoComelon The YouTube channel is currently the second largest YouTube channel in the world. After making the leap to Netflix, CoComelon has been a perennial feature in the top 10 catalogs around the world. adored by children, CoComelon has become a staple in households with children under five, like other kid-friendly shows, such as paw patrol. It should come as no surprise that Netflix placed its tokens on the kids’ show.


The role that children’s programming plays in the streaming wars has never been more important. With the growth of Disney+ and HBO Max, which offers Mickey Mouse projects and sesame street respectively, Netflix identifies that securing subscriptions for households with children is key to staying on top. Netflix’s desire to keep growing has been made more poignant by the platform’s recent subscriber slump, which saw Netflix lose 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, the company’s first subscriber loss since 2011.

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Netflix’s loss of subscribers has forced the company to become more financially ruthless, and its animated content has been the biggest sacrifice so far. In April 2022, Netflix canceled Dino Daycareby Roald Dahl morons adaptation (although it will live on as a movie instead), and Meghan Markle’s pearl. Netflix’s reduction in animated content was solidified by the company dropping Phil Rhynda, the director of creative leadership and development for animation, and some of his staff. At the same time, the funding committed for CoComelon indicate that Netflix prioritizes financial gains over creating exciting and original content.

It cannot be denied that CoComelon is appreciated by its young audience. However, it doesn’t work at the higher levels of entertainment. Netflix’s confidence in CoComelon appears purely motivated by its absence of risk. In comparison to some of the exciting shows that were in development like Bonethe critically acclaimed comic book adaptation of Jeff Smith, CoComelonThe properties of are inexpensive to produce and attract a large audience of children. Still, Netflix should understand that animation can appeal to all audiences and age groups, as evidenced by Esoteric, Bojack Riderand The Midnight Gospel. While these shows are hits, many new anime shows won’t be so lucky, because Benefits and curses, an authentic South Asian anime series, has also been canceled. The support of CoComelon suggests that Netflix may only seek to produce anime projects that specifically target children.

As such, the future of animation on Netflix doesn’t look bright, as there could be more upcoming animated shows that get the axe. Netflix’s strategy of sacrificing anime projects can also be evidenced by its wave of upcoming live-action anime adaptations, such as A piece and Pokemon. While there’s little to be gained from creating new animated versions of these shows, it does point to Netflix’s strategy of prioritizing live shows and leveraging existing IP, rather than trusting ideas. animated originals. Netflix has also proven that even though the shows have dedicated fanbases, the streaming giant will cancel the show after one or two seasons if it doesn’t deem the viewing numbers high enough. All this, combined with the abrupt cancellations of animation projects and CoComelon‘s, hints that creators may no longer be able to approach Netflix with new visions for anime shows. Netflix was once the place where creatives had freedom, where Martin Scorsese could direct a three-hour gangster epic. This may no longer be the case.

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