New Dragon Ball Super movie reveals title, new animation style


The special Dragon Ball panel at Comic-Con @ Home reveals a new title for the next film in the series, as well as a new style of animation.

The following Dragon ball super the film finally has a title. Goku’s next theatrical adventure will be titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes and will feature a new style of animation.

“We have two ‘great’ in there, which is awesome,” said series producer Akio Iyoku when asked for the movie’s new title, adding, “We really want to stress that this movie is about the vibes. superheroes. ” Although no details on the history of the new film were given, Iyoku revealed that the title is a clue to the tone of the film, saying: “[Dragon Ball creator Akira] Toriyama-san is also focusing on the superhero aspect this time around. ”Norihiro Hayashida, the animation producer of the Dragon ball super series as well as Dragon Ball Super: BROLY movie, said “I really want everyone to see what role the new characters are playing in the new movie.”

While the panel’s brief teaser doesn’t show an actual scene from the movie, it does portray Goku in a new animation style as the Saiyan warrior stretches out and assumes his iconic fighting stance. “We wanted to show what Goku will look like, his movements and his feelings,” Iyoku said. The producers of the film also hinted that fans who watch the trailer multiple times will have a better idea of ​​what the new film will look like. “We’re trying new things, so we’d like you to take a look a few times to see what kind of ingenuity we’re doing it,” Hayashida said. When asked how the new animation style differs from the old one, Hayashida once again encouraged fans to review the short teaser. “I won’t go into details today, but you’ll notice if you watch a few times,” the animation producer said. Iyoku elaborated, saying “We only saw a brief moment, but the actual visual expression of Goku and the like movements… incorporates a lot of ingenuity using different technologies.”

Masako Nozawa, who provided Goku’s voice for over 35 years, endorsed the new art style. “They may seem exaggerated at first glance, his movements may seem exaggerated, but there are very fine details. I love doing improvisations in these moments.”

Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes will be released in 2022.

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