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New Netflix feature: Now you can double-boost your favorite movies!

New Netflix feature: Netflix is ​​rolling out a new “Double Thumbs up” feature. The company says it was in high demand.

New Netflix feature: The popular OTT platform Netflix introduces a new feature called “Double Thumbs Up”. This feature will allow users to highlight when they really liked something. After Facebook tracked ‘likes’ with ‘love reacts’ and Tinder bolstered ‘likes’ with ‘super likes’, now Netflix is ​​giving users another tool to help separate the content they like and really like. The feature is not only a personalization tool for users, but also helps the platform’s AI-based recommendation engine better filter and recommend content to users. The company said this is a highly requested feature from users.

The new feature will be an addition to the existing “Like” and “Dislike” buttons. Netflix uses these buttons to make it clear which content is preferred by the audience and which is not. This helps the business both retain or remove content and recommend more content along the same lines.

“Members have never had more entertainment options than they do today. Being able to find the shows and movies you’ll love is really important. We want to continue to make Netflix the place where it’s most easy to pick something to watch,” Christine Doig-Cardet, director of product innovation and personalization experiences at Netflix told The Verge.

Double Thumbs Up: Netflix’s new feature to bring better content to users

This isn’t the first time Netflix has experimented with its rating system. In 2017, the company ditched its old 5-star rating system in favor of the current Like and Dislike buttons. Netflix’s new double thumbs-up feature has already debuted in the US and is expected to roll out to the rest of the world in the coming days.

The need for better recommendation has become an uphill battle for many OTT platforms as they battle the consumer’s dilemma of choosing content. With a high volume of movies, shows, web series, documentaries, anime, and more, many users spend more time wondering “what to watch on Netflix” than watching anything. And Netflix has realized this problem.

“We hope to end choice fatigue with new features that we add this year. help tailor his experience to his personal tastes,” Doig-Cardet said.