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Nintendo movies we want to see next

nintendo, arguably the most famous video game company in the world, is finally tackling feature films. Since the disastrous reaction to live-action Super Mario Bros. movie in 1993, the company has been very protective of its various video game characters. In addition to animation Pokemon films, the video game publisher had been very cautious about selling the rights to its iconic brands to film studios. It seemed like a smart move because for many decades film adaptations of popular video games like Assassin’s Creed, Hitmanand Warcraft had been failures with fans and critics.


But in the mid-2010s, around the time Marvel Studios was having great success with the MCU and taking control of their characters’ creative directions, Nintendo began to lean into feature films. 2019 saw the release of Pokemon: Detective Pikachulive action Pokemon movie and the first feature film based on a Nintendo property in 26 years. When Nintendo partnered with Universal Studios to create a Mario-themed portion of their theme parks, it was clear the intention was to collaborate on movies.

Indeed, the famous animation studio Illumination Entertainment of Universal Pictures is collaborating with Nintendo on a Super Mario Bros. film. The film will feature a celebrity voice cast including Christ Pratt, Charlie Day, Anya Taylor Joy, Seth Rogen, Jack Black, Keegan Michael-Key and many more. The trailer was recently uploaded.

Additionally, Nintendo also purchased Dynamo Studios, a CGI animation company with the intention of making more movies and TV properties based on Nintendo games. The company has an impressive catalog of exclusive titles that would make great video games, and here are the eight we want to see as a movie.


Released in 2001, pikmine tells the story of Captain Olimar who crash-landed on an alien planet and has 30 days to reassemble the beached parts of his ship before he dies. He discovers sentient plant beings called Pikmin following his lead and assisting him on the strange planet and confronting a wide variety of other alien creatures.

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pikmine has a bright, colorful aesthetic that lends itself to an animated movie, and the plot can basically be boiled down to a kid-friendly version of The Martian on a planet that looks like a Hio Miyazawa movie. pikman has a simple setup, but a world of cinematic potential.


Speaking of colorful characters, Yoshi has the potential to be the next big kids’ animated franchise that could top Minions if done right. A simple design, a huge range of colors, and an entire island of these adorable prehistoric dinosaurs is covered in a wonderful animated film.

The movie could follow a singular Yoshi, or it could introduce Mario because the two characters are often so closely associated with each other. They could incorporate another popular Nintendo character and match it to Yoshi. Nintendo should know that when they decide to make a Yoshi movie, every kid will be asking for a Yoshi stuffed animal for this holiday season.

donkey kong

When it comes to video games, Donkey Kong is an iconic name known around the world. He and Mario both debuted in 1981 and since then the character has gone on to have his own profitable video game franchise.

Donkey Kong looks set to get a movie adaptation, as Seth Rogen will voice the character in the upcoming Super Mario movie. Donkey Kong has its own cast of supporting characters that would make great movie characters with its own villains, lore, and plenty of interesting stories to draw inspiration from. Donkey Kong could also tie in further with the Mario franchise, further establishing a connected Nintendo Shared Movie Universe.


A sci-fi action-adventure film with a cast of anthropomorphic animals is a smash hit at the box office. The land is essentially zootopia meets star trek with a bit of Superior gun. The project would likely be a CGI movie and could feature high-stakes space battles, colorful characters that audiences could relate to, and also aesthetically a very different kind of blockbuster movie and has a lot of material to draw on to suites.


Kirby is an ideal character for an animated film. Even audiences who haven’t played a video game will likely recognize the pink balloon as an iconic character online through gifs and images. Kirby is a straightforward character which makes him incredibly marketable. It also has an impressive supporting cast like the villainous King Dee Dee and the sometimes enemy sometimes ally Meta Knight who himself might be popular enough to lead his own movie. There’s a lot to work with the Kirby franchise to make an entertaining movie.

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metroid follows intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran across the galaxy. Since her inception, Samus has been a popular fan-favorite character and the world of metroid delighted generations of fans. John Woo nearly made a feature version of the game in the 2000s, and recently Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson has expressed a desire to play Samus in a feature film. The franchise would lend itself to a big-budget sci-fi movie, which could draw heavily on outer space horror like Extraterrestrial and Event horizon. There is a strong demand for a metroid movie, a movie Nintendo should cash in on.

The Legend of Zelda

The Mario franchise is certainly Nintendo’s most iconic franchise, but The Legend of Zelda is probably Nintendo’s most beloved franchise. The series has an extensive mythology with different timelines, but all centered around three main characters: the hero Link, Princess Zelda, and the villain Ganon.

There’s a beautiful simplicity to the series, from its beautiful world designs to the basic good versus evil story at its heart that feels like a classic fairy tale. The Legend of Zelda could be translated as an action or animation film and still take the audience’s breath away. The demand is there The Legend of Zelda topped fan polls for most-wanted video game adaptation, so it’s likely a high priority for Nintendo.

Super Smash Bros.

In an age of cinematic universes, team-up movies, and crossover films, it seems both inevitable and impossible that a Super Smash Bros. movie will be made. The legendary game series is a fighting game that attracts various characters from Nintendo and even characters from other publishers like Solid Snake, Bayonetta, Mega-Man, Pac-Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

It’s one of the most popular video game series in the world, and the chance for a movie starring Mario, Link, Samus, Fox, Pikachu, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi seems like a movie of a billion dollars. It’s unclear how they would do if some series were live-action and others animated, but there’s no denying that the announcement of Nintendo doing its own movies is easily the first idea every fan has thought of.