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NYCC 2022: Star Trek Universe Panel Teases Adventure While Focusing on Character

Cast members and creators for Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Star Trek: Picard alludes to character growth in an action setting

Members of the public in the crowded auditorium for the star trek The Universe panel at New York Comic Con got three panels for the price of one. Cast members and creators behind three Paramount+ shows, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Star Trek: Picard, came on stage for thirty-minute panels to talk about their characters and upcoming seasons (or, in the case of Prodigysecond half of a season) for their shows.

Constrained by studio rules and nondisclosure agreements, which were often joked about by cast members of all three shows, the panelists weren’t able to reveal much. But that didn’t seem to matter to the elated audience, most of whom, judging by the number of cheers picard got, were The next generationFans of the era are just happy to be in the same room as the actors who played their heroes.

Star Trek: Discovery

Sonequa Martin-Green teleports from the Discovery set to join the Star Trek: Discovery panel

The current era of star trek launched with Discovery in 2017, and it was therefore normal that the Discovery panel went first. Executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Rod Roddenberry and actors Wilson Cruz (Hugh Culber) and Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets) took the stage while Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) joined virtually (she had filmed the next season of Discovery until this morning and was unable to fly to New York in time).

Cruz talked about the tonality, Discovery changed from season to season, and that the fifth season would continue in this tradition, sending the crew on an adventure in which they must use their strengths to solve a mystery while discovering each other.

Discovery has always focused on its characters, and Martin-Green talked about how the upcoming season will focus on who the characters are, and more importantly, who they are together, in a deeper way than before. As for her character’s romance with Cleveland “Book” Booker?

“Oh, my,” she said. “It is complicated!”

Martin-Green mentioned that Captain Burnham will deal with a conflict between duty and romance, a plot element that should be familiar to those who watched the previous season.

Rapp explained how Stamets will try to find a new path for scientific exploration, as science is his raison d’être and he is always looking for his next passion.

Kurtzman talked about how the most exciting thing about the show is to evolve Captain Burnham’s character over the course of the series.

During question time, a fan asked if, due to Rapp’s background in musical theater and star trek’It’s a long history of genre bending, we might get a musical episode one day. All the creators could say was that nothing is impossible…

Star Trek: Prodigy

Voice actors and creators behind Star Trek Prodigy
Star Trek: Prodigy Panelists Tease Upcoming Episodes

One of the most recent entries in the star trek the universe is anime Prodigy, which follows a scrappy group of alien children who discover a powerful Starfleet ship and use it to escape their oppressive world. Voice actors Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), Brett Gray (Dal R’El), and Jameela Jamil (Asencia) joined Kurtzman and Roddenberry, along with executive producers Dan Hageman, Kevin Hagemen, and Ben Hibon.

Mulgrew explained how star trek created an intergenerational conversation we’ve never seen before, as children watch Prodigyand their parents grew up Traveler, and grandparents on the original series. Like the first star trek show especially for children, Prodigy takes the fandom to a new and “very exciting” place. She also said it was “exciting to play” the different incarnations of Janeway, from the original captain to the holographic version introduced in the first half of Prodigy.

Gray, whose character, Dal, has no memories of his parents and is of an unknown species, hinted that while new information would be revealed in future episodes, it would bring more questions than answers and not is really only the beginning (he also said it was “epic”).

Jamil said she was “over the moon” to have joined the star trek universe, and that the experience was the most fun she had ever had.

“We did this with love,” she said, referring to the show.

Mulgrew also talked about how it never ceases to amaze him how exciting and satisfying it is to introduce new audiences to Janeway. When asked how the character’s voice differed from the live-action version, she used the word “liberating” to describe the experience, as he could do things with his voice that she couldn’t. couldn’t have done in person.

She also mentioned that Admiral Edward Jellico, former Captain Jellico on Star Trek: The Next Generationwould return as a foil for Janeway.

And like the characters of Prodigy venturing closer to Federation space, they may encounter “legendary” characters…

Star Trek: Picard

the cast of Star Trek Picard on stage
The cast and creators of Star Trek: Picard

Last but not least was the panel that, to the sound of applause, most spectators were really waiting for: the one and only picard. The third and final season will see the return of the set The next generation cast – Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathan Frakes (William Riker), LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge), Gates McFaddon (Beverly Crusher), Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi), Michael Dorn (Worf) and Brent Spiner (Lore …more on that in a bit). They were joined by Kurtzman, Roddenberry and executive producer Terry Matalas.

Following the trailer, which shows the return of Data’s villainous sibling/lookalike Lore, Spiner said “Lore is back in a complicated way.”

The trailer also revealed the return of holo-villain Moriarty (played by Daniel Davis). When asked about it, Stewart said Moriarty’s return was “entertaining and menacing”, and hinted that while it’s hard to isolate cast and guest characters in such a long series, Moriarty had something. special in particular.

A third antagonist shown in the trailer is Vadic (played by Amanda Plummer), who was teased as a classic Trek nasty.

Dorn explained how Worf is on a journey and has always been on a journey (in the trailer, Worf says he’s now a pacifist – an interesting twist for a Klingon). He also hinted that while the producers included some of his ideas for the character, they also convinced him to change a lot. And so, while audiences will recognize a lot of Worf, there will also be a lot they won’t recognize, that he loves as an actor.

Sirtis was particularly shy when asked about his character, saying only that his story was wrapped up in what they weren’t allowed to talk about. She did mention, however, that there would be some interesting and different material around Riker and Troi.

Frakes hinted at a potential conflict between Picard and Riker, mentioning that Riker always supported Picard, but Gene Roddenberry, who hated the conflict between the The next generation characters, reportedly had a “difference of opinion” regarding Riker and Picard’s relationship. Reading between the lines, it looked like we might be facing a clash of leadership styles/philosophies in season three.

Burton joked that the third season fixed what was wrong with his character, which was that La Forge never had a healthy relationship in The next generation (or subsequent films). In season three, Burton will be happily married with two daughters who have followed the family tradition…one of whom is played by Burton’s own daughter (Mica Burton).

McFaddon said Crusher was off on a Doctors Without Borders-type interstellar mission and was being hunted…and that’s all she could say. She also mentioned that she loves everything her character will be able to do in the upcoming season.

Most fans know the story of how Stewart only agreed to return to star trek if anything new was done with his character, and it looks like it will be the same for the whole The next generation cast. When asked if his expectations had been met, Stewart said they had been “met far beyond anything I could have imagined”. His hope was to create something original and was initially apprehensive about a reunion, but he came up with the idea of ​​bringing everyone back…and maybe bringing everyone together.

Kurtzman mentioned that in a way, next season will be the last. The next generation film, told in ten episodes.

When asked if the show would involve passing the baton to the next generation, Matalas shouted, “Certainly!”