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Omar Sy Joins Live-Action Yasuke Netflix Series As African Samurai

netflix has officially chosen Omar Sy to play the first African samurai in the next live-action Yasuke original series. The live-action series will be the streamer’s second time exploring the enslaved African man brought to feudal Japan who became the country’s first non-Japanese samurai.

Netflix’s five-part series will pair the streamer with familiar collaborators, such as acclaimed screenwriter Nick Jones Jr., who will pen the script for the live-action adventure. Jones was a vital part that helped create the Yasuke anime adaptation, which premiered on Netflix last year. Jones served as the head writer for the animated series and will now be allowed to tell the illustrious true story of Yasuke to life in the form of live action.


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As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Sy will officially join the live-action series to play the titular character in Jones’ new take on the historical figure. The well-known Lupine star will seek to step into the shoes of a real-life legend who defied the odds placed before him to leave an incredibly lasting mark on history. “I was inspired by Yasuke for a while,” Sy said. “With this superb team, we are creating a remarkable series showing what it meant to be an African samurai in Japanese history.” The famous Lupine star will also serve as an executive producer for the live-action series alongside Jones.

The Yasuke Netflix’s animated adaptation was well received by critics, earning 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, with many praising the series for its beautiful animation and deft fusion of fantasy and story. Plus, the hit series had an amazing cast, including Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield, who voiced the titular character. However, the live-action about the iconic figure will seek to move away from fantasy elements and focus on Yasuke’s rise in feudal Japan and his friendship with samurai Oda Nobunaga.

Beyond Sy’s casting and Jones returning to write the script for the live-action series, not much has surfaced regarding the project. As things evolve, the picture should become clearer, but until then audiences will have to wait patiently over the next few months.

It will be interesting to see how Jones’ vision for Yasuke transitions from an anime atmosphere to a live-action setting, where realism will play a vital role in bringing the revered figure to life. Sy will no doubt add a unique twist that audiences will appreciate, but only time will tell if the series will accurately and respectfully honor the legendary figure.

Yasukethe animated series, is currently available on Netflix.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter