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Only on Uber: more flexibility, choice and support

At Uber, we’ve spent the past two years refocusing our efforts on driving innovation. Our goal is to make Uber the best flexible work platform in the world.

Much of 2021 has been about better listening to and understanding driver experiences with our products and processes. Many employees, including me, have taken to the road ourselves to experience the app like you do. We have next announcement a series of changes, but we knew we could do more.

While consumers tend to interact with their Uber app for a few minutes several times a week, drivers often interact with the Driver app for several hours a day. So every bad experience is that much more painful, and every bug we fix, every experience we improve, or every feature we release is that much more meaningful.

One thing we’ve heard loud and clear is that making the Driver app the absolute best platform to earn requires three things: more flexibility, more choice, and more support.

Today we’re announcing key new features that are a direct result of understanding and investing in the driver experience, and they’re only available on Uber. I had the chance to announce these new innovations to over a hundred pilots in person yesterday in Washington DC, and I am thrilled to share them with the world.


Show drivers how much they will earn and where they are going before accepting a trip

With Upfront Fares, we’ve completely redesigned the way drivers accept rides.

Our new trip request screen makes it easier for drivers to decide if a trip is worth their time and effort by providing all the details, including exactly how much they’ll be earning and where they’re going, up front.

We tested Upfront Fares in a few cities earlier this year. Drivers loved being able to make more informed choices on their own, but the driver experience has also improved, with higher trip completion rates and shorter wait times. Based on this and based on positive driver feedback, we are extending the initial rates to most of the United States over the next few months.

Giving drivers more rides to choose from

Historically, drivers only received one ride request at a time. Trip Radar is a new feature that allows drivers to see a list of other trips happening nearby. Drivers will still receive individual trip requests as before, but with Trip Radar they have the flexibility to choose another trip that might suit them better.

Trip Radar will expand with Upfront Fares over the coming months.


We’ve spent hundreds of hours listening to what drivers want. As well as having more control over travel requests, it was clear that they also wanted more support and recognition. We’ve been working on new ways to reward and thank drivers for their time on the road.

Fuel savings, so drivers can take home more of their income

We’ve partnered with Mastercard, Branch and Marqueta on a new Uber Pro debit card and checking account that will help drivers save on gas, fees and more.

When drivers pay for gas with the Uber Pro card, they get cash back at any station, in any city. The higher their Uber Pro status, the greater the cash back, which means up to 7% cash back on gas at select stations with Diamond status. Drivers can also add their card to an Upside Gas Savings Account to earn up to 25 cents per gallon.

As it is a debit card, there is no credit check or annual fee. And drivers’ earnings will be deposited directly into their Uber Pro Card account after each ride, free of charge.

The card will be available for all drivers in the coming months but the waiting list opens today! Register here.

Better rewards to recognize the work of drivers

In November, we will reintroduce the Uber Pro program to better recognize and reward drivers with Diamond status in a way that is unprecedented in our industry, with an annual cash reward!

Depending on the drivers’ Uber Pro status, they’ll get new experiential benefits, like Zone Preferences that let you choose where you pick up and drop off passengers, plus discounts on 7-Eleven drinks and snacks. and an annual Costco Gold Star Membership for new members.

Of course, we keep some of the most popular rewards like 100% online tuition coverage at Arizona State University, free access to learn a new language with Rosetta Stone, and priority support.

These new features are part of our ongoing commitment to raise the bar for our industry and provide drivers with the most flexible, lucrative and rewarding work opportunities anywhere.

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