Blues Radio in Ontario . . .

CIOI-FM 101.5
Thursday Night Blues Revue
Little Willie
Thu 6-9 pm

Y95-FM 95.3
Rockin' Blues
Big John Small
Sun 6-7 pm

CFRC-FM 101.9 and
Cable FM 90.9
Voodoo Music
Marc Sykes
Mon 8:30-10 pm

CFRC-FM 101.9 and
Cable FM 90.9
The Blues Project
Ron Dickenson and Wayne Vermette
Sat 6-7:30 pm

CFRC-FM 101.9 and
Cable FM 90.9
Buff Blues
Ron Dickenson
Sun 2-4 pm

CHRW-FM 94.7
The Blues Never Die!
John Hoevenaars and Chris Murphy
Wed 6:30-8:30 pm

CBO-FM 91.5
Saturday Night Blues
Holger Petersen
Sat 11 pm-1 am

CHEZ-FM 106.1
House of Blues Radio Hour
Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd)
Sun 8-9 pm

CHUO-FM 89.1
The Midweek Blues
Rocket Rached
Wed 7-9 pm

CKCU-FM 93.1
Black & Blues
John Tackaberry
Sun 9-11 pm

CKQB-FM 106.9
Bear Blues 'til Midnight
Mark Hall
Sun 10 pm-midnight

CFFF-FM 92.7 (95.3 cable)
Blue In The Face
Al Kirkcaldy
Tue 8-10 pm

St. Catharines
CFBU-FM 103.7
Eclectic Blues
Deborah Cartmer
Tue noon-2 pm

Six Nations Reservation
CKRZ-FM 100.3
The Blues Hours
Diane and J.R.
Thu 6:30-10:30 pm

CBC-AM 740
Saturday Night Blues
Holger Petersen
Sat 11 pm-1 am

CHRY-FM 105.5
Everyday I Have The Blues
Vince Vitacco
Mon 9-11 pm

CIUT-FM 89.5
Let The Good Times Roll
Ian Angus
Mon 8-9 pm

CJRT-FM 91.1
Danny Marks
Sat 8 pm-midnight

CKFM-FM 99.9
House of Blues Radio Hour
Dan Aykroyd
Sun 8-9 pm

CKLN-FM 88.1
Blues du Jour
Steve Gash
Wed 8-10 pm

Tyendinaga Mohawk Nation
CKWE-FM 105.9
Backroad Blues
Thu 5-9 pm

CKMS-FM 100.3
Voodoo Healing
Kevin Doyle
Sat 6-7 pm

CKWR-FM 98.5
Old Chicago Blues
Willy A.
Mon 10 pm-midnight

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