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Overwatch Fan Shares Incredible LEGO Tracer Animation

A talented player creates stunning animation that recreates gameplay from the game’s flagship intro for Tracer, a damage hero featured in Overwatch.

Overwatch Fan Shares Incredible LEGO Tracer Animation

Monitoring was released in May 2016, and since then gamers have continued to return to the game year after year. One of the reasons for the title’s popularity is its roster of characters. Boasting 32 playable heroes across 3 classes: Support, Damage, and Tank, players have no shortage of options to choose from when entering a match. One of the most well-known characters is Tracer, and recently a player decided to do a unique highlight featuring the teleporter hero.


In a Reddit post, a user known as Maximiniii shared a video of a recent animation he made. According to the creator, they wanted to recreate one of the Tracer animations seen in Monitoring. The clip started with a LEGO version of Tracer standing on a desk and looking Monitoring play on a monitor. After watching a highlighted intro for Tracer, the figure also attempted to try out the move. The camera watched as the LEGO rushed to one side of the desk, paused for a moment, then somersaulted into the air.

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In addition to showing this Monitoring animation, Maximiniii provided some details on the creation of the video. While it looked like stop-motion animation, it actually wasn’t. Interestingly, the artist decided to use 3D software Blender to create the awesome clip. However, they noted that they deliberately wanted to maintain a stop-motion look despite using advanced technology. Additionally, they said it took a lot of trial and error to get the animation to look right.

This incredible LEGO Tracer video shared by Maximiniii on Reddit caught the attention of many members of the Monitoring community. With over 8.6,000 upvotes over the past two days, many were impressed with the animation. Among the comments, fans claimed the video was so compelling it looked like it was shot with traditional stop-motion. “I thought for a moment this was a real IRL stop-motion,” bioticsgeorg posted on Reddit. Additionally, some praised the creator for deciding to use a LEGO Minifigure version of Tracer for the animation. “I love legos so that was awesome,” zbady20 remarked.

While this LEGO Tracer animation was undoubtedly impressive, it was far from the only creation shared with the Monitoring community over the past two weeks. For example, another fan art recently designed an intriguing concept skin for Sigma that reimagined what the Tank might look like during its retirement years. Time will tell what other exciting creations will be shared by the game community in the future. Maybe Maximiniii will even do more animations for others Monitoring heroes in the days to come.

Monitoring is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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